New My Language Lab video: What to expect from GCSE and A level exams in 2022

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November 21, 2021
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A new My Language Lab video just dropped! What will our French GCSE, Spanish GCSE, English literature A levels, and other final exams look like in 2022?

Our founder Drew took to YouTube to answer some of our students’ common questions about 2022 GCSE and A level exams. The government released useful information on next year’s final exams and we want everyone to arrive confident and prepared for their GCSE and A level tests.

Want to go straight to the point? Watch the video here.

Common questions about GCSE and A levels in 2022

Facing your final exams is always challenging. Even the most prepared students feel nervous when having to test their knowledge and prove the efforts made during a whole school cycle. 

It’s all more understandable to feel uncertain after the few years we’ve just had. The coronavirus pandemic radically changed the way students learn, prepare and get assessed and since it’s not really over yet, we’re still not 100% sure of when we’ll be able to return to normal in the classroom. 

Here are some of the questions we get asked by GCSE and A level students about the 2022 exams:

  • Will we sit our final exams in 2022 or will we be assessed differently?
  • When will GCSE and A level exams take place in 2022?
  • What and when should we revise for next year’s GCSE and A levels?
  • When will GCSE and A level results be released in 2022?
  • How will we be graded in 2022?
  • Where can I find detailed information about next year’s exams?

2022 GCSE and A level video

Our team of expert tutors has been working with GCSE and A level students for many years now. Just like everyone, we had to adapt to the ongoing pandemic and we’re proud to say that we did that successfully — 94% of our learners achieved 9-7 GCSE grades and 100% A level students got A grades this year. 

It’s our top priority to keep helping learners unlock their potential and reach their goals for the 2022 GCSE and A level exams. That’s why the video covers all of the questions outlined above.

And even though we specifically focus on French, Spanish, and English language and literature GCSEs and A levels, students of other subjects will find useful information (and links!) too.

Here’s what we cover in the video:

  1. Advanced information and study topics for 2022 exams

What should you study for your 2022 GCSE exams and when? Fortunately, we already know when most of the topics will be released. 

Our estimate is that you should have about 4 months to revise for the next A levels and GCSEs. However, the pandemic may change that. Drew will give you a few revision tips so that you’re not caught off guard.

  1. What’s changed with foreign languages for GCSE and A level students

There are some big changes planned for foreign language GCSE and A level test takers. Although this means that you may have to adapt your study method, remember that all new measures are intended to help students return to pre-pandemic normal.

Spoiler alert: the greatest change means that you should prepare to take a normal oral exam.

  1. Grade boundaries

You probably already know that the last 2 years have been quite unusual when it comes to grading. Again, the government is trying to find the best way to return to fair and standardised assessment guidelines so you can expect to find some changes in grade boundaries. 

In general, you may want to prepare for your exam work to be graded a bit more harshly than last year.

  1. Supplementary study aids

As you know, certain subjects allow test takers to use supplementary aid material during the exam. This is not the case for every test or every subject so it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the rules well ahead of your GCSE/A levels.

  1. Provisional dates

We have provisional dates for the 2022 GCSE and A level results! These are respectively August 18th and 25th. However, please note that COVID may affect these dates. Moreover, we still don’t have specific dates for exam days.

It’s also extremely important to remember that if the pandemic worsens, we may not be able to sit exams at all. As you know, this so far meant that students were assessed based on the results of the work they submitted throughout the school year. It’s crucial that you keep this in mind and prepare for mock exams and homework as if they were going to be part of your final grades.

Although all decisions were made in an attempt to return to normal, these are extraordinary times that require great adaptability. If you think you may need some extra help and guidance in preparing for your 2022 GCSE and A level exams, you can contact us today for a free assessment. Find out how we can support you.


Where can I find more information about the 2022 final exams?

All of the above topics (and more!) are covered in the video. However, we’re aware that you may have more GCSE English, French, and Spanish questions and/or need more information regarding other subjects.

We left quite a few links below the video that’ll take you to board-specific informational pages. Moreover, you can contact My Language Lab at any time to receive personalised support.