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Tuition for students sitting English, French and Spanish as external candidates. All exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, Cambridge, OCR, IB, WJEC and Eduqas.
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Overview of tuition for private candidates

My Language Lab provide 1:1 tuition to students sitting GCSE and A levels as private candidates. This  service is ideal for languages students who want to:

● Sit exams for subjects or levels unavailable at their school, Sixth Form, college or university
● Re-sit their exams
● Take an extra subject alongside their current subjects.

Exam boards accept private candidates who are self-taught or receive private tuition. This provides a more diverse range of students with the opportunity to gain qualifications outside of the standard path to examination/assessment.

Our experienced teachers offer tuition in French, Spanish and English, and follow the relevant exam syllabus. We guide students through topics closely with a range of teaching materials and resources, including past exam papers. Using practice papers provides students with an invaluable opportunity to explore real (I)GCSE, A level and IB questions, without the pressure of a real exam.

We also advise students on booking their exam with an accredited external exam centre and help to complete paperwork. This can streamline the application process and reduce stress that a student may experience during such an important period of their young life. Sitting exams can be intimidating but our tutors empower candidates with the skills they need to feel confident when they enter an examination centre.

Our tutors also assist in sending reports, feedback and grades to the student’s chosen centre. We’re here to prepare candidates to sit assessments and exams to the best of their abilities through tailored, focused classes.

Tutors stay up-to-date on the latest syllabus changes and gather the best resources for each course. External candidates learn through writing, listening, and speaking in their target language, whether that’s French, Spanish or English. Our tutors design classes to be highly engaging and strive to help students develop a clear understanding of the language in preparation for potential travel or work opportunities in the future.

We’re always here to answer students’ questions and ensure they have expert guidance throughout their exam preparation.

What's covered

Exam strategies

Answering questions in context and approaching different styles of questions, e.g. gap fill, translation, matching up and comprehensions.

Essay writing

Improving skills with essay planning techniques and using higher tier sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a variety of tenses.


Fill in any knowledge gaps by revising and applying relevant topical terminology and synonyms to improve fluency.

Grammar and verbs

Revising fundamental grammatical constructions and the appropriate use of grammar, verbs and tenses.

Expanding ideas and opinions

Practise ideas on (dis)advantages, causes, consequences and solutions for all syllabus topics.

Listening skills

Sharpen audio skills by practising past papers and understanding how to extract what’s relevant.

Interactive resources

Access to downloadable templates, handouts, study guides, winning formulas and acronyms.

Past exam papers

Practising past papers for reading, writing, speaking and listening appropriate to the exam board.

Expand ideas

Broaden ideas on syllabus topics to be able to convey them in a sophisticated way.

Expressing opinions

Speaking and writing techniques to expand sentences, justify points of view and defend opinions.

Speaking skills

Improve oral skills for effective planning and delivery with less nerves and more confidence.

Exam objectives

Understanding what examiners are looking for by adhering to mark scheme guidelines in order to achieve higher tier marks.


I was positively surprised with the online classes. My tutor Natalia was phenomenal! Very friendly and easy to talk to, encouraging and supportive and very patient! Block booking allowed me to afford more value.
- Maggie, Spanish

Exam & revision strategies

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Consistently high results -
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A- levels, 2023
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9-7 Grades


GCSEs, 2023
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All of our A level students got into their top-choice universities in 2021

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