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1:1 and group language tuition for students in Years 7-9. Plus FREE access to our partner language-learning app LanguageNut, providing fun, engaging games and revision materials.
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Overview of KS3 lessons

Our lessons are designed to help students fill in any knowledge gaps and improve your child's overall confidence, regardless of whether he or she is sitting the language at GCSE.

Children learning languages at KS3 will study an appropriate textbook so that the basics can be learnt in an interactive yet academic environment. A variety of resources such as worksheets, presentations, maps, music and videos will be utilised to engage students. Foundation and pre-intermediate grammar, verbs and tenses will be covered to provide a sound grounding for students who wish to continue to GCSE levels and equally for those that are learning for extra linguistic skills.

Classes focus on solidifying the foundations of sentence constructions, responding to typical syllabus questions, finding your way around KS3-style activities, familiarising yourself with accents and audio activities and improving overall confidence in speaking skills.

For those opting to study languages at GCSE, our tutors have a sound knowledge of the requirements of the syllabus. Assessments are susceptible to changing frameworks and so parents and pupils will have peace of mind that we are up to date with these changes.

Most KS3 lessons will follow the following format:

1. Lesson recap – from last week’s class in case there are any follow-up questions
2. Syllabus topic work – we’ll study a topic on the syllabus covering key vocabulary, useful verbs, model Q&A’s and how best to revise these.
3. Grammar and verbs – we’ll always study these components during every lesson
4. Homework – there will be homework most weeks and students will be given access to the lesson resources, handouts and message board corrections made in class.


Tom is thoroughly enjoying his classes and David is obviously as enthusiastic teacher as Tom is a French student - a great match! We are extremely grateful that Tom is able to carry on with his learning, especially with all that is happening in schools at the moment. The fact that he so looks forward to his lessons with David and that he really wants to speak and learn more French, makes me a very happy parent indeed.
- Lisa, parent of Tom
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What's covered

KS3 activities

Practising KS3-level activities and answering different styles of questions, e.g. gap fill, translation, matching up and comprehensions.

Writing skills

Improving skills with essay planning techniques and using higher tier sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a variety of tenses.

KS3 vocabulary

Fill in any knowledge gaps by revising and applying relevant topical terminology and synonyms to improve fluency.

Grammar and verbs

Revising fundamental grammatical constructions and the appropriate use of grammar, verbs and tenses.

Expanding ideas and opinions

Practise ideas on (dis)advantages, causes, consequences and solutions for all syllabus topics.

Listening skills

Increasing familiarity with accents and sentences in audio exercises and understandinging how to extract what’s relevant.

Interactive resources

Access to downloadable templates, handouts, study guides, winning formulas and acronyms.

Preparing for GCSE

Preparation and planning for those students taking the language at GCSE level, either in school, homeschooled or as a private candidate.

Expanding ideas

Broaden ideas on syllabus topics to be able to convey them in a logical and structured way.

Expressing opinions

Speaking and writing techniques to expand sentences, justify points of view and defend opinions.

Speaking skills

Improve conversation abilities with less nerves and clearer delivery in class and assessments.

Exam objectives

Understanding what's coming ahead in assessments and testing in order to achieve higher marks.

KS3 areas of focus

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Chelsea, KS3 (now GCSE)

Very happy and we continue to enjoy learning with you.


Thai, French KS3

Drew has been an amazing, kind and patient tutor for my son. His Spanish has improved hugely


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