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SEN tuition

Overview of SEN tuition

The 2021 Ofsted report shows rising numbers of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Special Educational Needs covers a broad range of learning and behavioural difficulties and our aim at My Language Lab is to support and guide students so that they approach classes, homework and exams with self-confidence and independence.

Our tutors have Special Educational Needs qualifications, experience and teaching practice to help children overcome individual challenges, including academic, behavioural and social, and develop a love of learning. 

This is achieved through an initial assessment with your child to find out more about how we can help and begin the process of tutor matching. A custom learning plan is then devised so that parents and students have structure and different learning styles can be taken into account. Whilst academic progress is of course important, SEN tuition also focuses on communication skills, delivered in an understanding and patient way to encourage positivity and self-confidence. 

My Language Lab tutors students facing various challenges including:
● Autism
● Dyslexia
● Dyspraxia
● Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD)
● Mobility limitations.

We help SEN students improve their confidence with their English, French and Spanish at the following levels:
● KS2
● KS3
● A Level/IB.

Our tuition aligns with the syllabus requirements of the relevant exam boards but we tailor the process to cater to the student’s capabilities, pace and learning styles. We leverage a range of learning materials, resources and methodologies to suit the student. Visual aids, textbooks, videos and more may all be incorporated into our classes to keep students stimulated. We cover spelling, grammar, common phrases and deeper aspects of communication in English, French and Spanish tuition. 

Our SEN tutors are equipped with the right tools to help students learn a new language effectively, whether they have difficulty concentrating, struggle to interact with others, or experience any other challenges that necessitate SEN tuition. Our tuition lessons can help students discover a new language as a beginner or hone their existing skills through more advanced tuition. They’ll learn how to communicate with native speakers to varying degrees: our tutors specialise in educating SEN students to hold general and more complex discussions and develop the vocabulary they need in the wider world.

This can help them become more independent and cultivate a greater awareness of the world outside their present life experience. Parents place considerable trust in us to educate their child in a productive, considerate way that caters to their specific needs. We’re committed to rewarding that trust with each class taught. 

What's covered

Learning strategies

Answering questions in context and approaching different styles of responses, e.g. gap fill, translation, matching up and comprehensions.

Essay writing

Improving skills with essay planning techniques and using higher tier sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a variety of tenses.


Fill in any knowledge gaps by revising and applying relevant topical terminology and synonyms to improve fluency.

Grammar and verbs

Revising fundamental grammatical constructions and the appropriate use of grammar, verbs and tenses.

Expanding ideas and opinions

Practise ideas on (dis)advantages, causes, consequences and solutions for all syllabus topics.

Listening skills

Sharpening audio skills by practising past papers and understanding how to extract what’s relevant.

Interactive resources

Access to downloadable templates, handouts, study guides, winning formulas and acronyms.

Past exam papers

Practising past papers for reading, writing, speaking and listening appropriate to the exam board.

Expand ideas

Broaden ideas on syllabus topics to be able to convey them in a sophisticated way.

Expressing opinions

Speaking and writing techniques to expand sentences, justify points of view and defend opinions.

Speaking skills

Improve oral skills for effective planning and delivery with less nerves and more confidence.

Exam objectives

Understanding what examiners are looking for by adhering to mark scheme guidelines in order to achieve higher tier marks.

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9-7 Grades


GCSEs, 2023
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