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We are proud to invest in this tool as a benefit for our students for FREE. We know how much it can enhance your children's learning and help them to progress faster.

Free access will be given with any children's language packages. It is one of the best interactive language-learning apps, which provides fun and engaging games, activities and resources. LanguageNut is built for young learners aged between 5 - 15, helping to develop their skills across many modern foreign languages.
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Features of LanguageNut

Embracing modern technology, whilst combining new learning techniques with a language package is a fantastic way to boost your children's learning and confidence.

It's free!

Get LanguageNut access with any children's language packages booked.

Extra learning

Your children will get extra hours of learning (for free) when using LanguageNut alongside their language package.

Unlimited access

There's no time limit to how long your children can use this amazing platform!

Work with your tutors

The tutors will work with your children on LanguageNut, guiding them through activities and setting homework.

You can benefit too

It's not just for the kids, you and members of your family can access the platform too.

Explore other languages

Your children don't just have to stick to one language, they have access to all languages on the platform.

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