Spanish & English tutor

Natalia has a wealth of experience teaching all levels including younger years to Degree, on a 1:1 basis, groups and universities.

She currently heads up a voiceover business which includes radio presenting and dubbing projects for films, commercials, video games and documentaries.

Her impressive list of clients for translation, interpretation and voiceover projects includes Sony, BMG, EMI and Mercury. Her singer songwriters’ list includes clients such as Celine Dion, Westlife, Bonnie Tyler, Natalie Imbruglia, Bon Jovi, Jennifer López, Foo Fighters and Björk.

She’s also translated for Vogue, Canal Plus, the United Nations website and Cisco as well as projects for plays, song lyrics and film scripts.

Her work extends to film production companies such as Netflix, Universal, Columbia, the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as The New York Times, Bloomberg and Iberia Airlines.

She has also contributed to translation for Spanish courses for the BBC, Cambridge University Press, Pearson Education and the Cannes Festival.

She speaks fluent Spanish, English and Catalan.



Return to school has been eventful and enjoyable. Her Spanish teacher commented on her progression. She really enjoys her Lessons with Natalia. Thank you, Eleanor


English tutor

Diane has a BA (Hons) English Literature Degree from the Open University and has Qualified Teacher Status from Bath Spa University. She has taught KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 (GCSE) for English Language and English Literature to Secondary and Primary school pupils in England.

In her capacity as a teacher, she has also specialised in teaching SEN students and has been a Form Tutor responsible for pastoral support. She has coached small groups of students in danger of NEET (never in employment or training) to write CVs, college and apprentice application forms and prepare for interviews.

Diane also heads up residential and online revision courses and intensive sessions for GCSE students approaching exam time.

Diane has been a freelance writer and had her articles published in a variety of different languages. She is native English and speaks intermediate Italian.


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Spanish tutor & Assessor

Originally from Madrid and now residing in Cardiff, Tamara is Native Spanish and holds a PhD, a Masters, a PGCE and a Degree, all in the fields of Spanish teaching and education.

Tamara’s teaching experience extends to adults, children, exam-level students and businesses, in a 1:1 setting as well as in group classes, at universities, the Cervantes Institute and private tutoring.

Her teaching career started in Madrid and took her to Poland and Kenya, then later to Bath and Leeds, before settling in Cardiff with her husband and two young children.

Tamara is a qualified DELE Examiner and invigilator and has also taught in Eton College, Windsor, preparing students for their GCSE and A level exams.

She has also published research work and articles on learning for a variety of educational institutions.She speaks fluent Spanish, advanced English and intermediate Polish.


I was hesitant when I first started Spanish classes, being a complete beginner and not knowing If I was capable of learning a new language. [MLL] is a great company who are professional and friendly. Big shout out to my fantastic teacher Tamara, who was massively increased my confidence and enthusiasm to learn. Can't go wrong with these guys.


French, German & Spanish tutor

Recently retired after 30 years as Head of Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish) at a secondary school in Devon, David has taught thousands of young students and adults. In his academic position, he specialised in teaching French, English, German and Spanish.

As Head of Year in his former school in England, David routinely chaired meetings with parents and a wide range of external agencies. He also mentored trainee teachers launching their future careers.

Additionally, David has TEFL experience and used to lead cultural exchanges with partner schools in France and Germany as well as being a team manager for The Ten Tors Challenge, an annual weekend expedition for teams of young people in Dartmoor, organised by the British Army.

David now lives abroad in Italy having moved to the country in early 2020 with his wife and his dog!



Parent of Tom, studying KS3 French

Tom is thoroughly enjoying his classes and David is obviously as enthusiastic teacher as Tom is a French student - a great match! We are extremely grateful that Tom is able to carry on with his learning, especially with all that is happening in schools at the moment. The fact that he so looks forward to his lessons with David and that he really wants to speak and learn more French, makes me a very happy parent indeed.


French & English tutor & Ambassador

Joanne is an accomplished English and French tutor and is also one of our brand ambassadors. Joanne has an impressive 17 years’ experience as a teacher, trainer and learning coach, working across primary and secondary schools, private institutions and online.

Joanne is native English and speaks French, German and Japanese; having lived abroad in France, Japan, Tunisia, Kazakhstan and China.

She has an Honours Degree in French, a PGCE and a multitude of EFL qualifications. Joanne has also been a Curriculum Leader in English, ESOL and Maths.

Most recently, Joanne has been consulting, translating and interpreting for Series 3 of Hanna, in association with Amazon Prime, NBC Universal and Tomorrow Studios, our latest media project.


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Spanish tutor & Ambassador

Elena is an Ambassador and Spanish Tutor for My Language Lab, Elena was the first tutor to start with us! Originally from Elche in the region of Alicante in the southeast of Spain, she has a Degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Masters in Teaching English in Secondary Schools. Elena has also completed a Teacher in Training course at the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Ies Ramón Llull in Valencia. After completing her postgraduate studies, Elena moved to the UK and tutored students in our Cardiff centre before returning to Spain to be closer to her family.

Elena is native Spanish and speaks Advanced English and Intermediate German.



During my time with Elena, I always looked forward to her classes. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. Every class I attended, she always made fun and engaging… Elena's style of teaching makes you want to improve and progress. I felt I made significant progress with my Spanish.


Spanish Tutor & Ambassador

Teresa has an impressive array of qualifications and experience in teaching. She holds an Honours Degree and MA in History, an MA in International Relations, an MA in Theology and an MA in Social Anthropology from SOAS, University of London.

She's currently studying Education and International Development at UCL. She completed her Undergraduate Traineeship at The Spanish Ministry of Defence in Valencia.

Prior to teaching, Teresa was a tutor in Dubai and an Education Coordinator for an NGO in Senegal. She also taught Spanish and History at a co-ed international residential school in Hampshire.

Teresa is highly passionate about voluntary work, which has led her to working with Innocence in Danger in Switzerland which involved the organization of a UN panel in association with the Human Rights Council Social Forum and an NGO in Lebanon and a project in the Pyrenees.

She speaks Spanish and Italian, advanced English, intermediate French and intermediate Italian.


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Spanish tutor & Ambassador

Originally from Madrid, Cristina first taught Spanish in our Cardiff centre. During her time there, she taught children and adults, both at Cardiff Montessori School as well as several primary schools. She then taught children, adults, exam-level students and businesses, both face-to-face and online.

Cristina has a Postgraduate and Master's degree in Spanish as a second language and was awarded a scholarship in 2019 as a visiting Spanish Postgraduate Lecturer at San Diego State University, where she currently lives. She also has a Degree in Teacher Training and completed an internship at EnClave-ELE, a Spanish independent publishers based in Madrid.

Cristina has worked as a Primary School Teacher in various schools in Madrid and Slovenia.

She speaks native Spanish, fluent English and conversational French.



I've had excellent tuition from Cristina over the last year by Skype, which has improved my Spanish enormously. The scheduling and lessons have been very flexible, which has worked really well to fit in with my own busy schedule.


Spanish tutor

Marina holds a Degree in Psycho-pedagogy and a Degree in Primary School Teaching, specialising in foreign languages, from the University of Huelva in Spain. Her roles span from Primary School Teacher to Nursery Nurse, Group Leader and International Volunteer Program Leader, in Spain, London and the Czech Republic.

Marina has a background in teaching and education in schools, nurseries and private tutoring groups. Prior to starting with us, she was teaching in a Primary School and nursery teaching children Spanish through the popular Montessori Teaching method.

She also spent some time living in London working as a Nursery Nurse before moving to Cardiff where she lived for 5 years.

She teaches for us from her hometown in Spain.



I have been speaking Spanish badly for about 20 years and decided to finally take the plunge to sort my grammar out! MLL were recommended to me, and I am delighted with my progress so far. I take weekly classes online and my teacher is in Southern Spain and a perfect match. Classes are flexibly arranged to suit my requirements. We combine learning through conversation with grammar and homework. It’s the first time in years I have used my Spanish regularly without travelling, and although the road may be long to correct years of “I can be understood”, I am enjoying the opportunity to finally start getting it right more often! Thank you Drew for understanding my request and providing a great teacher in Marina!

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Our tutors are personable, multilingual and well-travelled, with specialist experience in language exam tuition. They've worked with Netflix to The United Nations and they're here to engage and support learners towards language success.
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We believe languages are an asset for life

Our teachers know that foreign languages are a valuable asset and that these skills will help you stand out from the crowd, whether that’s at school, career or in your personal life. They're engaging and approachable, fostering confidence and a positive mindset in learners.

They do more than teach though - they record voiceovers, work with Sony Music, Bon Jovi and Jennifer Lopez, translate for Netflix, work at The United Nations, lecture at universities, write journals and support My Language Lab in our client projects for Sky, Amazon, HBO, BBC and ITV.

That's why we offer a free Assessment, so that we can pinpoint your needs and personally match you up with a tutor that really fits your learning style and personality type.

A language qualification can really boost your academic achievements and future career success. We want to improve your child's confidence and be sure that when it comes to mastering another language, they've got this!



Caroline for her son Luca (French GCSE)

I just wanted to express deep gratitude to you both for everything that you have done to help Lucas towards success in his French GCSE. It has been a difficult year for him getting used to a new country, school, culture, starting GCSE courses, making new friends and then also doing French GCSE outside of school.

He has coped admirably with all of it but I was concerned that the late change of French teachers might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Thank you both for your professionalism, care and attention to detail.

Thanks to you Lucas went in to the exam with a good level of confidence and knowledge and I have everything crossed for his results in August.


Jean for her daughter Lucy (German GCSE)

You will be very pleased to know Lucy got an 8 in her German!!! She is very happy as originally predicted a 6.

Thank you so much for your time, support and patience with Lucy. She had to sit her speaking exam twice due to a fault with the recording equipment so she is really pleased it all turned out ok.

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