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An informal consultation that serves as a valuable step in understanding your language needs, proficiency and goals in order to personalise an effective learning plan for every individual.
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Assessments usually last around 30 minutes and are a great way for parents and students to find out more about our lessons, timetables, tutors, resources, prices and answer any questions. We think it's worth spending this time with you because we can get as much info as possible.

Assessments are carried out by one of our language coordinators who will complete your profile and assess your child's level, ask questions about the syllabus, class progress, areas of difficulty, recent grades, resources used and more. This allows us to pinpoint key pain points and for us to outline how we can help tackle them and a timeframe.

There's no obligation and parents are invited to sit in if they wish.

Some students have a tight deadline and are happy to start without one and that’s fine. Simply let us know your objectives, timetable and start date and we can register you so you can hit the ground running!

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