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Language testing and assessment

Assess your employees or potential candidates for recruitment, training certifications (verified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), or a general language audit to identify the weaknesses in your business.
Assessment prices start at £165.

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Spending the last 20 years running a language business and opening offices in several countries, means that we know what companies face with language and cultural differences when growing internationally.

We have a team of language experts made up of 12 different nationalities, so we're excellently equipped to help international companies, individuals and recruitment agencies grow through language testing and exams.

- Nathalie Danon, Director of My Language Lab

How we help

We help individuals, international businesses and recruitment agencies with language assessment and training. If you have current staff or potential candidates who need to speak more than one language, we can provide an assessment to work what they need and where their training should be focused.

Our assessments are a combination of online and face-to-face interaction, to ensure a fully rounded test of both written and verbal language ability. Following the test, you will get a formal report, detailing exactly what level your employee or candidate is at, allowing you to make the right decisions about their training.

3-step process


Online Test

We will send your staff or potential candidates a 30-minute online test, mimicking everyday, real life experience, so we can get an initial idea of their language level.


Expert consultation

After completing the test, your staff or potential candidates will be invited to a 30-minute face-to-face consultation with one of our experts to assess their communication language skills ability.


Detailed report

We will provide an individual report on your staff or potential candidates - outlining our assessment of their language ability based on your requirements. The report also contains recommendations for further language training if required.

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