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Can your child relate?

Students often come to us with the same concerns and need extra support, especially if they have not been getting as many contact hours with their teacher recently or don't know where to start with their revision.

We also tutor students who aren't necessarily falling behind, rather they'd like to maintain their current level. Homeschooled and private candidates need extra help too - reach out to us if that's you. 

I need to prepare for my mock and exam

I need to practise more exam-style questions to fill in my knowledge gaps and know what to expect on the day.

I'm falling behind with my oral

I'm not getting enough practice and don't feel confident. I need extra help with my speaking skills.

I'm losing marks in my written work

I need to structure them better and not throw away marks on my vocab, tenses, word order and agreement.

I need help with my vocab

I don't know the best way of revising the topics. I need to expand sentences, have more ideas and justify my opinions better.

I need to work on my listening

I'm not getting enough practice and need to listen to more audio exercises.

I'm confused with grammar and verbs

I feel overwhelmed with how to use complex grammar structures and verb tenses.

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What's covered

Over the years, we've honed our tried-and-tested methods or 'survival skills' that we teach students to improve their approach to syllabus questions.

Exam strategies

Answering questions in context and approaching different styles of questions, e.g. gap fill, translation and comprehensions.

Essay writing

Improving skills with mind mapping techniques and using higher tier sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a variety of tenses.


Fill in any knowledge gaps by revising and applying relevant topical terminology and synonyms to improve fluency.

Grammar and verbs

Revising fundamental grammatical constructions and the appropriate use of verbs and tenses.

Expanding ideas and opinions

Practise ideas on (dis)advantages, causes, consequences and solutions for all syllabus topics.

Listening skills

Sharpen listening skills by practising past papers and understanding how to extract what’s relevant.

Interactive resources

Access to downloadable templates, handouts, study guides, winning formulas and acronyms.

Past exam papers

Practising past papers for reading, writing, speaking and listening for all UK and International exam boards.


Help with homework, assessments, mock exams and revision timetables, right up to exam day.

Expressing opinions

Speaking and writing techniques to expand sentences, justify points of view and defend opinions.

Speaking skills

Improve speaking skills by effective planning and delivery with less nerves and more confidence.

Exam objectives

Understanding what examiners are looking for by adhering to mark scheme guidelines in order to achieve higher tier marks.

Exam & revision strategies

How it works

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1. Book a free assessment

Book a call or online consultation with one of our language coordinators. We’ll evaluate your goals and tell you more about our lessons and prices. It’s a great chance for you to check us out and ask questions.

2. Get quality tutoring

All of our specialist tutors are highly experienced, verified and DBS-checked. They’re multi-lingual, well-travelled and language tuition is their thing!

3. Select your package

Choose from PAYG or discount block bookings. No contracts or expiry dates and you can cancel anytime. Plus, we have a money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

4. Schedule your lessons

Book a fixed time slot or lessons whenever you need them. Learn intensively or pause when you need a breather.

5. Access the Learning
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One high quality virtual classroom for your calendar, lesson notes and all your downloadable language materials. You can DM your tutors and even record your lessons live to review again later.

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