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We are specialists in GCSE tuition for students sitting French, Spanish, English, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or Polish language exams. GCSE tuition is one of our most popular services, and we can help you boost your confidence and achieve the best grades possible.

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Overview of
GCSE lessons

Generally speaking, GCSE students at this stage need support with grammar and verbs to expand their sentences, revise higher level vocabulary and practise their speaking and listening skills.

We follow the appropriate syllabus of the exam board using GCSE textbooks, our in-house syllabus booklets and past exam papers and listening materials. Students will study all core modules of reading, writing, speaking and listening with special emphasis placed on grammar, verb tenses and vocabulary.

Our GCSE exam tuition classes focus on the syllabus requirements of that particular exam board. Our tutors have a sound knowledge of the module guidelines and grade boundaries. Examinations and assessments are susceptible to changing frameworks and so parents and pupils will have peace of mind that we are up to date with these changes. We have an extensive library of past examination papers, mark schemes, transcripts, listening exams and assessment resources for students, which can be used well before the run-up to exams to maximise students’ performance.

We start revising GCSE exam techniques as early as possible so students are familiar with the question format for each paper and what is expected from them by the examiners. Our lessons are designed to help students fill in any knowledge gaps, revise and apply proven exam techniques and improve their overall confidence to be exam ready.  

Most lessons will follow the following format:

1. Lesson recap – from last week’s class in case there are any follow-up questions
2. Syllabus topic work – we’ll study a topic on the syllabus covering key vocabulary, useful verbs, model Q&A’s and how best to revise these.
3. Grammar and verbs – we’ll always study these components during every lesson
4. Past exam paper practice – we’ll study past GCSE papers and exam techniques to consolidate revision strategies and maximise grades
5. Homework – there will be homework most weeks and students will be given access to the lesson resources, handouts and message board corrections made in class.

What's covered

Exam strategies

Answering GCSE questions in context and approaching different styles of questions, e.g. gap fill, translation, matching up and comprehensions.

Essay writing

Improving skills with essay planning techniques and using higher tier sentence starters, opinions, connecting words and a variety of tenses.


Fill in any knowledge gaps by revising and applying relevant topical terminology and synonyms to improve fluency.

Grammar and verbs

Revising fundamental grammatical constructions and the appropriate use of grammar, verbs and tenses.

Expanding ideas and opinions

Practise ideas on (dis)advantages, causes, consequences and solutions for all syllabus topics.

Listening skills

Sharpen GCSE audio skills by practising past papers and understanding how to extract what’s relevant.

Interactive resources

Access to downloadable templates, handouts, study guides, winning formulas and acronyms.

Past exam papers

Practising past GCSE papers for reading, writing, speaking and listening appropriate to the exam board.

Expand ideas

Broaden ideas on syllabus topics to be able to convey them in a sophisticated way.

Expressing opinions

Speaking and writing techniques to expand sentences, justify points of view and defend opinions.

Speaking skills

Improve oral skills for effective planning and delivery with less nerves and more confidence.

Exam objectives

Understanding what examiners are looking for by adhering to mark scheme guidelines in order to achieve higher tier marks.


Thank you for all the wonderful teaching of Hebe. She was awarded an 8 in her GCSE and was very pleased. Many thanks and best wishes.
- Nicky, parent of Hebe, Edexcel Spanish

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GCSE exam & revision strategies

The stats

Consistently high results, year in, year out

9-7 Grades



9-7 Grades



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On average, our GCSE students increase their grades by 2.0

    Nick, Faris' father
    (French GCSE)

    I am learning a lot more than with my last teacher and I find these lessons are not only productive but comfortable.


    Sian, James' mother
    (Spanish GCSE)

    My son really feels that he has benefited from the 1:1 sessions with Drew and Bieito. Very well organised and excellent admin. Would definitely recommend.


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