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April 30, 2022
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The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a prestigious type of education programme that aims to form internationally-minded individuals and set students up for success in a globalised world. 

On top of more traditional knowledge and notions, these high-quality programmes focus on skills such as critical thinking, communication and socialisation, independence, initiative and leadership. Great emphasis is placed on languages to allow graduates to thrive anywhere and access leading universities worldwide.

We know that IB programmes are demanding and can put students under great pressure. That’s why we have designed supportive, specialised IB tuitions in French, Spanish and English – we empower young learners to develop their communication skills and feel at ease working or travelling abroad independently to reach their goals.

What is IB education?

IB programmes are specially designed to form well-rounded individuals who can respond to the unique challenges today’s world poses. Students can enrol in IB courses aged 3-19.

Beyond academic success, the goal of an International Baccalaureate is to help students become global thinkers, communicators, leaders, and balanced risk-takers. Ultimately, IB education was designed to equip young people to promote peace and make the world a better place for all.

IB students are encouraged to value diversity and intercultural understanding and respect. To this end and to help them succeed anywhere in the world, language proficiency is key to IB student success.

IB programme: Pros & cons

It’s no secret that IB education can be challenging and demanding. When students don’t have the right tools to manage their time and pressure appropriately, they risk to:

  • Repeatedly sacrifice social interactions and hobbies: the IB workload is normally heavier than that of a standard programme and students may have less time for themselves compared to their peers and siblings who aren’t following an IB syllabus.
  • Suffer from stress and anxiety: IB education is vastly rewarding and graduates will keep reaping the benefits of their education years after it’s completed. However, when students develop performance anxiety and dread exams, this can affect their mental health. Private tuition and talking with a counsellor can help them develop a positive and confident attitude towards exams.
  • Suffer from reduced flexibility: even though they are broad, IB programmes are notoriously more rigid than the school’s standard syllabus. 

It’s also no surprise that IB studies continue to be extremely popular and help students succeed worldwide. Among the many benefits of an International Baccalaureate you can find:

  • Access to prestigious universities: an IB Diploma is widely accepted and more easily understood than A-levels and exclusive universities abroad appreciate its focus on academic success and international education.
  • Subject variation: even though an IB syllabus isn’t particularly flexible, it definitely focuses on variety. This is particularly beneficial to pupils and students who aren’t sure of what they’ll want to study at university, and gives a head start to those who go on to specialise in well-rounded subjects like Economics, Political Science, Business, etc.
  • Language tuition: IB students are required to become fluent in one or more foreign languages to prepare for their future international life and career – a great advantage over their peers who, especially in Britain, normally don’t prioritise language learning. French, Spanish, English and more become part of the curriculum early on.
  • Well-rounded education: an IB curriculum focuses on a variety of skills and engages students in activities such as debates, research and analysis, and outdoor projects. It also focuses on developing empathy, teamwork, social development and organisation.
  • The IB Alumni network: IB graduates can join the IB Alumni network and remain in contact with peers living all over the world.

How we can help you succeed in IB programmes: IB tuitions

With stakes this high, we know that students need the help of specialised tutors who know exactly how to succeed in an IB programme. 

We developed 1:1 IB tuition lessons in 3 languages  – English, French, and Spanish. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches to learning, so our International Baccalaureate tuition is divided into 3 in-language course types. Find them below.

Language A tuition for IB students in English, French, and Spanish 

Language A tuition is intended for students who are native or already fully proficient in their target language. IB education was designed for internationally-minded students and it’s normal to find learners who already speak multiple languages. In this case, our IB tutors will focus on honing their language skills and filling any gaps to make sure they can interact confidently with native speakers.

Language B tuition for IB students in English, French, and Spanish 

Not everyone is a native speaker, but IB students may have studied languages for a number of years already. In this case, our IB tutors will focus on helping them demonstrate strong speaking and listening comprehension skills in their chosen language.

Ab initio tuition for IB students in English, French, and Spanish 

If your child is just starting to learn a language now, our IB tuition will focus on helping them embrace the new language and feel confident in their progress.

IB lessons and revision

Our International Baccalaureate tutors have strong knowledge of the syllabus, lesson structure and requirements of these demanding programmes. With the help of a variety of materials (from past papers to audiovisuals and in-house booklets and guidelines), they create engaging IB tutorials that improve language knowledge, confidence, and positivity. 

From grammar to film & literature studies, from current affairs to higher-level vocabulary, students in our IB tuition classes grow confident that they can tackle all language challenges their education and future career will throw at them.

Here are a few examples of the topics all our IB tutors cover:

  • Essay writing 
  • Listening and speaking preparation
  • High-level vocabulary
  • Fundamental and complex grammar 
  • Film & literature studies and critical thinking
  • Articulating ideas and opinions and in-language debate preparation
  • Past exam papers preparation
  • IB exam objectives and specific IB exam strategies

Moreover, we continuously provide interactive resources including templates, handouts, study guides, winning formulas and acronyms.

The most important part is, our IB tuition is completely customised and works around the student’s level and goals. We only match students with tutors who specialise in their specific needs. Get in touch today to book a free assessment and find out how we can help.


How is IB education different?

IB education seeks to prepare well-rounded individuals who can take on the challenges of today’s world. It focuses on international outlook as well as independence and leadership but also respect and empathy. Ultimately, it forms students who will go on to build a better world for all. Languages, communication, and critical thinking are crucial to IB education.

Is IB worth it?

IB programmes are notoriously demanding and often include a heavier workload and a more varied syllabus. Students often sacrifice more personal time to dedicate to academic efforts compared to their peers. However, IB programmes open a world of international possibilities – not only when it comes to admission into prestigious universities but also in terms of networking and international career opportunities. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you succeed in an IB programme.