My Language Lab and the wolves of Lombard Street — Industry returns for series 2

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September 25, 2021
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Are you a fan of intriguing office dramas seasoned with gritty competition, exciting characters, and sharp screenwriting? What if we throw in London, the financial market, and the fast-paced, cut-throat business grinding around in the City? 

If that sounds like a binge-worthy mix, then we’ve got great news for you — Industry is returning for season 2

The joint BBC, HBO, and Bad Wolf British-American production premiered on 9th November 2020 on HBO in the United States, and on 10th November 2020 on BBC. And we were there.

The My Language Lab team of language and movie lovers was on set to assist Lena Dunham's production with media translation and translation and interpretation for various language soundbites and scenes. We loved it so much that when we were asked to return to work with the crew for season 2 a few months ago, we were beyond excited to say Yes!

What is Industry about?

Industry is set in London and follows a group of recent graduates as they compete for their dream finance job. They’re all young, talented and motivated, and are all after a permanent job at Pierpoint & Co, a prestigious investment bank — but the positions are limited.

The TV series starts off focusing on Harper Stern, played by Myha'la Herrold, a Black New Yorker who lands in London carrying a bag full of determination and a secret. Then there’s Augustus "Gus" Sackey, a Black and gay Eton and Oxford graduate with a keen sense of fashion, Hari Dhar, a state-school graduate and child of Hindi-speaking immigrants, and Robert Spearing,  a people pleaser raised in a white working-class family who graduated from Oxford. Finally, we get to meet Yasmin, a young woman whose parents are well-off and well-connected Lebanese immigrants.

As season 1 unfolds, we learn more about their past and what brought them to the bank, and we watch them navigate office politics, trauma, the City, and adult life.

Should I watch Industry?

We certainly loved season 1, and season 2 packs plenty of surprises (although we can’t say much more.) On Rotten Tomatoes, Industry season 1 scored an approval rating of 79% with an average rating of 7.77/10.

Be mindful that Industry is a show appropriate for adult audiences — expect scenes involving adult themes like sex and drugs.

Why is My Language Lab working with HBO, BBC and Bad Wolf productions?

This isn’t our first on-set rodeo. You may know that our tutors have been offering GCSE, A level, and business language classes for years. But that’s not all we linguists do.

In fact, one of the career perks of speaking foreign languages is that you can decide to focus on media translation. For Industry, we’ve been helping with French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian script translations, audio recordings and on-set consultations with the actors and production teams. Filming was done in Cardiff.

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