My Language Lab collaborates with HBO/BBC for Lena Dunham’s new banking drama

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Lab team
June 24, 2020
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We're mega excited for this to drop! Lena Dunham’s HBO/BBC banking drama ‘Industry’, produced by Bad Wolf Productions, is released this autumn 2020. And My Language Lab was on set.

If you thought that the life of a translator/language tutor was all Spanish A level and English GCSE prepping, then think again (although we love that too!) We were on set translators and interpreters for various language soundbites and scenes and had so much fun on location.

The story centres around bankers making their way in the financial world in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Seen through the eyes of ambitious twenty-somethings struggling to secure their futures, it follows a group of graduates competing for limited positions at a top investment bank in London – but the boundaries soon blur as members of the group rise and fall and decide whether life is more than just the bottom line. Filming was done in Cardiff; Bad Wolf Productions have offices in Cardiff, London and LA.

Find out more about the production and cast here. Wondering how we ended up with HBO and the BBC? Learn how languages can help you earn more money and allow you to follow your passions.