My Language Lab and Amazon Prime to collaborate on Hanna season 3

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January 10, 2021
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We are delighted to announce that My Language Lab will collaborate with Amazon Prime Video on the third season of the popular action drama series Hanna.

The series was renewed for a third season in July 2020 and it has now been confirmed that our team of language experts will work with the production crew when filming starts later in 2021.

What is Hanna about?

After the 2011 Amazon Prime movie, Hanna was made into a streaming TV series that was first released in 2019.

Hanna is an exciting concept that will please different audiences— if on one hand it’s fast-paced and combines elements of the action and thriller genres, on the other, it can also be considered a coming-of-age drama.

The protagonist Hanna is a teenage girl who was raised in isolation in the forest and trained to become a formidable fighter and killer. Viewers follow her journey as she escapes an off-book CIA agent and uncovers the mysteries of her past.

When will Hanna season 3 air?

Hanna season 3 will be filmed in 2021 but no release date has been confirmed yet. It’s quite normal for this production to film in international locations so COVID-19 has caused some delays. If everything goes according to plan, you may be able to enjoy season 3 in late 2021.

How does My Language Lab work in the filming industry?

We’re glad you asked! If it’s true that My Language Lab counts on a great crew of language tutors who can help individuals with their Spanish GCSE preparation or their business French, private language proficiency classes are not all we do.

In a production like Hanna, actors must be confident in different linguistic contexts. The series takes place in several locations (from Poland to Germany via sunny Barcelona and fashionable Paris) and characters speak a variety of languages.

Our specialised tutors help the film crew and cast with a variety of language-related tasks, from pronunciation and accent reduction to French and Italian translation and audio recordings.

This is not our first rodeo — check out our Press Corner to find out how we collaborated on exciting projects with the BBC/HBO, Disney, and more.

And if you’d like to know how we can help you achieve your business or personal language goals, get in touch!