My Language Lab video: What will UK universities look like after coronavirus?

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May 15, 2020
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I get it: you've worked hard for your exams, like your English or French A level, and you're ready for your future. But now that coronavirus has thrown normality out the window, you wonder what uni will look like during the pandemic and beyond.

Many things are bound to remain the same — university will still be the top choice for most high school graduates and the quality of UK education is unlikely to drop. However, fees and finances and the way we learn (hello, online classes) are likely to be affected.

In this video, I talk about the effects of COVID-19 on higher education in the UK, and discuss all things uni from fees and application rates during a recession to new technologies.

Intake levels

1. There could be a drop in students - many universities are still charging the same fees as before the virus but with no contact hours. Some applicants might question the value that they receive if distant learning models are somewhat passive.

2. There’ll be more students appealing A level results and choose to defer a year/resit exams.

3. Plus, there’s a lot of uncertainty around finances and student loans.

4. We might initially see less international students make applications - aside from travel and visa issues, they need to meet the criteria for English proficiency tests and exams have been postponed.

On the flip-side

Trends show that in a recession, more people invest in up-skilling so online courses will open the doors to domestic school leavers who might not have considered this route as well as more mature students.

Online university open days

We’re already seeing a shift with 360 virtual tours of the campus, facilities and student accommodation.

Stepping up online learning

This isn’t anything new - MOOC learning has been around for years but we’ll see a radical shift to digital modules and machine learning software used in assessments and exams.Social aspectsLastly, the social landscape will be affected - uni event such as Freshers’ Week and end of term balls will change as we know it as this dynamic won’t be the same.We discuss these points in our latest video here.