Virtual UK university tours and open days after Coronavirus

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May 25, 2020
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University campus tours and open day events were, in previous years, a great way to give prospective applicants and parents a great impression of their future university. The coronavirus pandemic has all but put an end to leisurely travel to the UK but universities are quickly adapting to provide virtual tours and open day events in lieu of physically attending. Would you apply to a university without ever having been there to see it in person? Read more to find out how university tours and open days are adapting to the current crisis.

What is a campus tour?

Most universities in the UK provide students with the ability to arrange for a tour of the campus, either individually or as part of an organised group. Many international students choose their university of choice this way since being there in person creates such a strong impression on where they choose to study.

Visits will now take place online with interactive virtual tours. Virtual campus tours can be a great way to immerse yourself in the campus lifestyle from the comfort of home. Many universities such as University of Central Lancashire are using technologies such as virtual reality to create an engaging experience.

What is an Open Day?

Open day events are held by most universities in the UK. They allow prospective applicants and parents alike to meet with faculty and professors in person to better answer their enquiries as well as to attend presentations. International students can feel far more comfortable knowing their professors and instructors this way, and perhaps even make a friend or two whilst there.

From autumn 2020 open days are now taking place online at various universities. Want to know which clubs and societies are available at your preferred university? What to expect from living in halls or what your accommodation options are off-campus? Come prepared and attend a virtual open day.

Universities such as Durham University have removed all physical open days for 2020, so do endeavour to register your interest for a virtual open day instead.

Want to know more about your dream university?

We get it — you put in your best work to ace your English A level or your French exams, and now you want to be 100% sure of your university choice (and also feel a bit of the magic.)

Although it may not be possible to visit the campus and meet with faculty in person, virtual tours and open days provide a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with your dream university. Many universities have already begun publishing virtual open days for May and June 2020, so don’t delay and get informed about your desired university.

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