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August 24, 2017
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Learning Spanish is a great skill to possess and one that is taught in many environments and mediums. However, beyond the classroom, be it virtual or in person, learning Spanish can be enhanced by reading the Spanish news.Vocabulary is vital to the way in which you learn Spanish whether it's for Spanish A level, Spanish GCSE or just general Spanish conversation.

Therefore, reading is a crucial part of the process and so it's important to find things to read that will captivate, intrigue and keep you interested, which is where the Spanish news can work wonders. Once you find topics that interest you, your learning will improve and you find that you become much more proficient in the language.When it comes to Spanish news resources, what are the best options available?

CNN en Español

CNN is one of the biggest news channels in the world as well as America and so, the Spanish version is one to take seriously. It can keep you up to date with current news in America, which also includes South America where you can improve your Spanish in a number of categories such as technology, entertainment, sport and much more. You can watch videos and listen to radio stations in Spanish, all of which ensures you improve your vocabulary.

BBC Mundo

Again, this is a website that delivers news that is aimed at those who speak Spanish. It covers the likes of Latin-America, the economy and culture and everything else in-between. The ability to watch bite-size videos in Spanish can help you to improve your listening skills as well as your pronunciation. It's certainly a great choice for those choosing to learn Spanish and one of our favourites.

El Mundo

Even when you have left the classroom of Spanish Skype lessons, El Mundo can help you to continue to improve your Spanish. This is one of the biggest newspapers in Spain and so, it offers two versions that are geared up for those in Latin America and Spain. This offers a more traditional feel to it because beyond the usual categories of the Economy and Culture.

El Pais

This can offer a level of Spanish tuition in the form of the most popular newspaper in Spain. There are several versions available but for those learning Spanish, the Spanish version and the American version will only be of benefit. Readers have a wide selection of topics to choose from to suit their tastes, interests and speaking ability but it explains the facts extremely well and it's always of interest.


Here you'll be able to access a wide range of TV channels, radio stations and news articles online. You'll be able to listen to the Spanish National Radio live and watch specific programs that have been broadcast. There are blogs and the latest news available to all, ensuring that those who are learning Spanish have a great opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Most news resources are available to download on apps, so pick one and see how you get on with it!