The rise of technology and interactive resources in language learning

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October 15, 2017
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The way in which we learn is changing. When you consider that you can obtain a degree through open learning, it's clear to see that learning a language in this way is also possible. This has all become possible through the rise in technology and interactive resources and that makes learning a language and taking part in Spanish classes more accessible than ever before.

The majority of us are connected to the internet in some way, whether that is at home through a laptop or on our phones on the daily commute. What this means is that language learning is now something that can be carried out when it suits the individual. Take Spanish Skype lessons as an example, this can be organised at a time that fits in with the individual and the tutor but it also means that the shackles of geographical location have been removed.

Apps and Software

There are a number of apps available that enable individuals to learn a language at a pace that suits them. Perhaps they want to be able to hold a basic Spanish conversation or they might want to use them as a stepping-stone before taking on Spanish classes but apps certainly do serve a purpose and enable people to keep on top of learning a language when it suits them. In fact, some of the apps can also straddle software such as the likes of Skype. These kinds of apps and software work differently as they are not predominantly geared up for learning a language, however, they provide tutors and students with a way of communicating and learning through video calls and sharing screens. It removes any barriers that may have once prevented people from learning a language.


Podcasts are not particularly new in terms of digital content, however, when it comes to learning a language they certainly make it easier for people to learn. They enable people to follow modules and listen to them when it suits them, which makes them perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle. They can progress and learn at their own pace and perfect areas that might require more work.

Online Newspapers and Subtitles

For those who have already started to learn a language and have reached a certain level, having access to online newspapers and television programmes in that language can help them to enhance their learning. There's no doubt that subtitles will enable them to pick out phrases and words and use what they have learned while online newspapers will allow them to read the news and exercise different areas of their language skills.It's very clear to see that technology and interactive services have now made learning a language easier than ever.

Of course, learning a language such as Spanish can be carried out professionally through the likes of Spanish Skype lessons. However, individuals can then further their learning through podcasts, online newspapers and streaming media.Learning Spanish interactively is fun, exciting and enables individuals to learn when it suits them.