Textbooks and Screen Time - Are You Really Studying?

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Lab team
May 16, 2019
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Parents may notice their child looking at their iPhone, laptop or another device and they may jump to the conclusion that their child is not performing anything productive. This may well be the case. Whereas if a parent were to see their child fully ‘engaged’ in a textbook, that could be seen as doing something productive. But is it really?

It’s a well-known fact nowadays that many available teaching and learning resources are in a traditional or physical form. As technology has advanced over the years, many tutors and students agree that traditional ways of teaching or learning cannot be replaced but at the same time, technology can complement an individual’s development. Digital devices and online media platforms are opening new doors for children and adults to learn in various engaging ways. We should be embracing this evolution of technology but at the same time keeping it regulated. There is a perception that screen time is negative, which is true, especially if devices are overused or used in the wrong way; this can be dangerous to an individual's health and wellbeing. Too much of anything is bad for you.

Are your children really studying or are they in the middle of updating Facebook? On most devices these days, parental monitoring and usage limits are available for parents who are concerned about their child's device usage. With this in mind, it’s the content they see and applications they use which ultimately matter. Utilising education technology effectively can have huge impacts on your child's social and learning skills. By encouraging them to use educational apps such as Duolingo or signing up to platforms such as My Language Lab, children can engage with educational content in a personalised and fun way.

Millennials and the younger generation tend to be more tech-savvy as they grew up surrounded by technology. The ideas behind Netflix, Uber and Airbnb all make sense to them. These are all companies that have a created platform dedicated to their users. They’ve made it much simpler to book a taxi, hotel or stream movies online or via your device, anywhere in the world. It’s been proven that these platforms offer ease of booking, functionality and usability. Not only does it work for the above industries (e-commerce and online streaming), but the same can be applied to education and learning. After all, who said learning couldn’t be fun, motivating and hassle-free? Long gone are the days where you have to read 5 hours a day. There are other techniques available now to supplement what you’re revising or studying.

Here at My Language Lab, we like to get to know you first during a free 30-minute assessment. This allows us to understand what it is you’re wanting to achieve.Our platform takes the hassle out of looking through 100’s of tutor profiles, we’ll just match you with one of our verified tutors. It’s even easier to get started – pay online, book your time slot and you’re ready to start learning. All your study materials are accessed via your secure dashboard and you can learn anytime, anywhere.We think that technology is great for both our students and tutors. It combines resources and videos online and utilises apps to enhance traditional learning and teaching techniques. It’s not to say that traditional form of language learning is no longer relevant, just that Edtech offers our students a more adaptable approach to learning.