Spanish exam preparation classes

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March 18, 2016
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There is no point denying it - exams are approaching! Whether you are a nervous student or a hopeful parent, it’s time to get serious about your studying. Now that the Easter break is drawing near, most GCSE and A level students will be making the most of their study leave to cram.

While the exam period is always nerve-racking, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. If you think and plan ahead you can organise your study time and get started with one-on-one tuition and optimise your chances of getting the top grade that you deserve.At The Spanish Academy we would be delighted to assist you through your exams, by providing well organised, tailored and specialised Spanish tuition with tutors who are degree-educated and multi-lingual.

We are proud to have expert tutors who have years of experience in GCSE, AS and A-level exam preparation. We have tutors who have had experience with all exam boards so there are no surprises.The structure of our exam preparation courses is different for every student, and this is something that we are proud of. We offer flexible course outlines that cover all the topic areas in the Spanish exam, including those related to the speaking, listening, writing and comprehension exams, yet the technique by which these topics are covered is adapted to the preferred learning method of each student.

If you have trouble concentrating, speaking, understanding, or with verb conjugations, memorising vocabulary or any other aspect of language learning, there is no doubt that your tutor can help you find the right method so that you are shining on exam day.We offer extremely flexible scheduling options to fit with your school timetable or any extra-curricular activities you may have.

Furthermore, we offer reasonably priced exam preparation packages for excellent quality tuition at a location of your convenience, whether that may be at your home, your parent’s office, a local library or our own classrooms. We specialise in making our classes work for you, around your schedule and around your needs and deadlines.

So, if you have exams that are approaching and feel that you could do with an extra “push” before the big day, look no further, our expert tutors are here to help! Contact us today to experience a free assessment class at your convenience. ¡Buena suerte!