Former students living the Spanish dream (Part 2)

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Lab team
March 19, 2018
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This month’s blogs come from Málaga in Andalusia, where we’re catching up with different students we used to teach who are now happily settled in their new homes and communities.

Next up is Tim and his son Jack, who moved out here along with mum Julie, all from Cardiff. We used to teach them 10 years ago (10 years!) and so it was great for us to see them after all this time.

We met them over lunch one weekend and couldn’t believe how happy they looked. Jack was going from strength to strength in his studies. He studied in a Spanish school, not easy when you’re a 10 years of age and you’ve just moved to a new country. But the hard work has paid off - he’s now taking his A levels before enrolling for a Spanish and Japanese degree at university. (Oh, and his journey to school is along the coastal boardwalk outside his house before he hops on the bus).

Tim is managing a local golf course, big business in this part of Spain. His wife Julie is involved in lots of community work and they’ve made great Spanish friends.

So inspiring for us to see them having made the south of Spain their home for 10 years. We wish them the best of luck in their next 10 years and beyond!