Our Learning Dashboard for Language Classes Is Live

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February 19, 2021
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Our Learning Dashboard for Language Classes Is Live

Are you studying for your Spanish GCSE? Worried that your French A levels will suffer from online learning? Teaching English GCSE students on Zoom? We have great news for you!My Language Lab Learning Dashboard is now live — if you’re learning or teaching languages online, you finally found the platform that has it all in one place. It’s intuitive, reliable, and fun to use for both students and tutors.Our Learning Dashboard does it all in one place - Learn, Teach, Achieve - to help KS3, GCSE and A level students feel more confident with their progress and get the results they need.Here's the lowdown:

  • Lessons - schedule in-built Zoom sessions with reminders
  • Syncs across all devices plus app for notifications
  • DMs - 24/7 communication
  • Backpack - folders for your handouts and files
  • Real-time tracking - see your progress and Lab Reports™️ here
  • Homework - submit and receive marked homework
  • Gradebook - see all your results in one place
  • Lab Library™️ - access to all of our interactive resources, study guides and past papers
  • Wellness - check-ins and feedback
  • Forum - chat and ask questions

Your drive is a hot mess of learning resources? The Library will tidy up things for you.Feeling like online classes are too impersonal? Create safe and supportive spaces in the wellness and forum sections.Need a personal assistant? Let the Dashboard organise, remind you of, and connect you for class appointments.Need to visualise your progress for improvement? Get easy-to-read result breakdowns and marked homework and receive insightful reports on your long-term progress.Discover how our Dashboard can help you reach your goals today!