My Language Lab to provide GLS with Business English training

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November 14, 2021
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GLS, the reliability-focused shipping service, and our team at My Language Lab have something in common — we love enabling deliveries that make people happy. To GLS, that can mean getting your family their Christmas presents on time; to us, it’s usually the smile of a non-native speaker proud of getting the message across as they meant it.

So we couldn’t be happier to help GLS' Madrid-based staff improve their Business English with tailored corporate language training.

Why take business language classes?

Languages are all about delivering the right message exactly the way you want it. Whether we're trying to make new friends in a new town or making sure that the waiter is informed about our allergies, the ability to express ourselves properly keeps us safer, happier, and more successful.

The workplace is no exception. Studies show that adding a second language to your skillset can significantly boost your resume and paycheck and make you a more competitive candidate for internal promotions and new job opportunities. It’s no surprise then that professional training and development are key to staff satisfaction. 

But better communication doesn’t only improve employee wellbeing — companies benefit from office diversity and a multilingual workforce, optimised connections, and greater creativity. More confident speakers make for better and more fluent cross-team cooperation. Think about it: someone in your branch office may have a brilliant idea to solve your company’s current greatest challenge, but they may not have the tools to communicate it properly to the management team in the head office. Plus, multilingual talent opens new possibilities into domestic and international markets.

GLS and My Language Lab

GLS was founded in the late ‘90s in Germany and quickly expanded across Europe and more recently, in North America. The GLS Group is currently British-owned and Amsterdam-based. As a delivery and logistics company present in over 40 European countries, Canada and the west coast of the USA, GLS truly has an international, communications-driven heart.

GLS delivered the first parcel in Spain in 2005. Since then, they’ve expanded across the country and now deliver nationally and internationally. To help the GLS staff in Madrid truly feel part of this international family, we’re excited to partner for customised Business English classes.

Business language classes for employers and individuals

Our team of specialist boast years of experience in business language training. They know that professionals have very specific language needs and work on a tight schedule. And they know how to help them set and achieve their goals.

At My Language Lab, we offer both individual and group language training. Whether you want to overcome your nerves when giving presentations in front of packed conference rooms or promote an inclusive work environment, we know how to get you there.

What we can do

We offer classes in modern foreign languages for business, such as English, French and Spanish as well as Mandarin, Russian and Arabic amongst others — get in touch today to find out how we can help.

You won’t have to lift a finger. If your office is within our reach we’ll come to you, or set up all you need for remote classes.

We can also help with specific business language consultations, for example, if you need help with CVs and cover letters, interview techniques, professional references, and more. And we can support you and your employees ace professional exams (FCE, CAE, English Proficiency and IELTS exams; DELF and DELE.)

And if you need language services done right and fast, you can count on our translators and interpreters.

The Lab Method™️ for professional language training

Not all professionals are the same and neither are their learning journeys. Our first step is always to assess your circumstances and carry out a need analysis. To ensure success, we must know what it looks like to you. We may carry out a language placement test and/or discuss your goals with you in detail.

After selecting a bespoke business language training offer or package that suits your budget and timeline, we’ll get to work. We’ll match you or your team with a trainer that has extensive experience working with clients like you.

Oh, and did we mention tools? You’ll get access to our Learning Dashboard, your all-in-one platform where you’ll find everything you need — lesson calendar, in-built Zoom, DMs for quick access to your tutor, work submission & assessment, lesson notes, and more.

We’ll make sure you can track your progress with Quarterly Lab Reports™️,  check-ins, grade books and certificates at specific milestones. And we’ll be in constant communication with you and key stakeholders including HR and L&D managers to assess progress and evaluate objectives.

Thinking that we may be a great match? Contact us to book a needs analysis.


Who are your business language clients?

We can boast of experience working with employers and professionals across various fields, from sports & media to finance, tech, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, housing, travel and tourism. 

Among our satisfied customers are the Google London office, Amazon Prime, Disney, and FTSE 100 companies like Admiral Group plc and Amey plc. We also count listed companies Atradius, GLS and Coface as clients.

Sports lover? Our language coaching projects with Premiership Football Clubs and M&C Saatchi Group plc were tailored for football managers and players. All about the movies? We helped BBC, ITV and HBO as well as The Economist and The History Channel.

How much are Business English classes?

We offer a great variety of services for business language learners, from group to individual classes, from long-term exam preparation to project-specific sessions. No two learning journeys are the same so we commit to preparing a bespoke proposal with selective options and packages after analysing your specific individual or company needs as well as your budget and timeline. Get in touch today to receive yours.