My Language Lab, ITV and BBC working on new BritBox's Murder in Provence

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September 18, 2021
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We hope that you love crime fiction as much as we do because we’re thrilled to announce that My Language Lab is collaborating with ITV (the company run by Oscar-nominated producers Owen and Hayward) and the BBC on BritBox’s new production Murder in Provence.

Those who follow us already know that our linguists often work behind the scenes to help actors, directors, and screenwriters create accurate settings and dialogues and feel confident in their lingo and pronunciation. In Amazon Prime’s Hanna, for example, scenes are filmed in a variety of locations like Poland, Paris and Barcelona — and we were proud to help out!

This time, we’re accompanying the viewers to the idyllic south of France to solve thrilling mysteries.

What’s Murder in Provence?

We can’t say too much at this stage (after all, it’s a mystery TV show!). All we can tell you is that Murder in Provence is your soon-to-be-favourite new crime drama. It’s expected to consist of three 90-minute long episodes.

Chloe Thomas is directing and Grainne Marmion producing. Executive producers are Debra Hayward, Alison Owen, and Alison Carpenter. Stephenson and Allam also serve as executive producers.

Confirmed stars include Roger Allam (Endeavour) as chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque and Nancy Carroll (The Crown) as Marine Bonnet. The pair investigates the murders, mysteries, and dark underbelly of their seemingly serene home in the south of France. Allam and Carroll previously worked together in The Moderate Soprano, staged at the Hampstead Theatre in 2015 before a West End run at the Duke of York’s Theatre in 2018.

The show is based on the Verlaque & Bonnet mystery novels by Canadian author M. L. Longworth — delicious books with pages filled with riddles, romance, and exquisite French food.

Where and when can I watch Murder in Provence?

We don’t have a definitive date yet. However, based on a normal production timetable, it’s assumed that Murder in Provence will premiere in early 2022. The episodes will be available to BritBox subscribers.

How is My Language Lab helping?

Not many people know that linguists are often asked to come and help film productions before and during filming.

In previous collaborations, our crew of linguists has helped actors feel confident in their foreign language and pronunciation skills. We’ve been reading, tutoring, and practising together, and we’ve also helped with accent reduction as well as translations and recordings.

We’ve been working with small productions but also big names like Amazon Prime, the BBC, HBO, and more before. Check out our press page to find out more.

Are you an actor, singer or professional and want to improve your language skills? Contact us to find out how we can help!