Forging new business paths — My Language Lab and Celsa Steel UK

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November 27, 2021
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We are proud to announce that as 2021 comes to an end, we’re forging new language and collaboration paths with exciting new clients — like Celsa Steel UK, the largest manufacturer of steel reinforcement in the country. Our experienced language tutors will provide them with Business Spanish classes.

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How is Business Spanish different from Spanish language training?

Business language learners have unique needs. Usually, they work under tight deadlines, have little time they can carve out of their already busy week, and need to get as proficient as possible as quickly as possible to be able to work in their target language. 

Business language training is an exciting challenge. Tutors and students must find a delicate balance between the steps of a ‘standard’ language learning journey and the fast pace dictated by corporate goals. If teachers have to adapt their timelines and methods, learners have to be flexible too, making sure to continue studying even when work and life get a bit crazy.

It’s hard to be confident in a new language. Yet, corporate language learners have to give presentations in front of crowded meeting rooms and handle negotiations in their target language as soon as they can. That’s why business language training focuses on confidence as well as regular language skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading.) When this is done right, learners experience an improvement in their communication skills that goes well beyond their target language. 

Celsa Steel UK and Business Spanish

Celsa Steel UK is a leader in the sector, being the largest producer of reinforcement steel in the UK as well as one of the largest manufacturers of other long steel products. With 1 million tonnes of finished product each year, the Cardiff-based manufacturer means big business.

Celsa Steel UK is part of CELSA GROUP™, the largest Spanish-owned steel company and the second-largest European long products producer. Founded in 1967, they have now expanded in the UK, Poland, Norway, and France. 

Running such a big multi-national company is hard work. Everyone must be on the same page for things to run smoothly, and solutions and ideas must be able to travel fast. My Language Lab is helping Celsa Steel UK with corporate Spanish to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. (And also because being able to order tapas and speak the local lingo makes business trips much more fun.)

Corporate language training at My Language Lab

We boast years of experience helping international companies like the Celta Group improve their business languages. With both individual and group classes, we’ve helped organisations like Google and Amazon Prime meet their language goals.

The Lab Method™️ for corporate clients

We know you’re busy and your time is precious. That’s why we’ve developed a unique method and a learning environment that work with your specific needs and around your schedule. These are our steps:

  1. First, we’ll carry out a needs analysis to explore your goals and the learning tools that will work best for you. We’ll make sure to understand your role and language needs in depth.
  2. We’ll then create a bespoke proposal that takes into account your timeline and budget.
  3. We’ll make sure to match you and/or your organisation with a tutor with vast experience and a track record of success with clients like you. You’ll also have a success manager assigned to make sure that your expectations are met.
  4. You’ll get access to our exclusive Learning Dashboard and start your journey.
  5. We’ll be supporting you every step of the way. This includes real-time progress tracking with Quarterly Lab Reports™️,  check-ins, grade books and certificates at specific milestones, as well as constant communication with key stakeholders including HR and L&D managers to assess progress and evaluate objectives.

Do I need business language training?

Whether it’s corporate Spanish, French, or business English, your career will benefit from adding a new language to your skillset. Not only you’ll be able to apply for jobs abroad, but you’ll unlock new business opportunities at home and enjoy stronger confidence, communication skills, and creativity in the office.

You don’t need to be working in an international company to use your language skills. Since Brits are among the worst performers in Europe when it comes to learning new languages, being proficient in Spanish, Italian, or Mandarin will make you highly desirable to employers in virtually any field. It’s not by chance that professional training and development are key to staff satisfaction

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Will corporate language tutors come to my office?

Yes! We offer in-house corporate training if you’re near one of our locations. However, we also offer a boutique online language platform (our own Learning Dashboard) for those who don’t operate in our cities. From there, you’ll get access to personalised study material, class notes and timetables, DMs with our tutors, online classes, and much more!

Why should I take business language classes?

Languages are highly valuable in the workplace for individuals, teams, and entire organisations. If you’re thinking of learning a new language as a professional, know that it can boost your paycheque by 10-15%.

For teams and organisations, better language proficiency improves creativity, collaboration, and confidence. This means fresh ideas and innovation and new business avenues. 

How is business language training different from regular language classes?

Students and professionals have very different language needs. If most school and university students work towards a specific exam/certification, that’s not true for all workers. Moreover, professionals follow a very different schedule.

The specific skills professionals and organisations must focus on are also different. Presentation, negotiation, and networking skills, for example, are key for business and as a corporate learner, you’ll need to get proficient in those in your target language as quickly as possible. Corporate language trainers know how to work around your schedule and identify your business language goals.