Medellín - The City of Eternal Spring

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April 3, 2016
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As we get comfortably nestled into Spring here in the UK, I'd like to take this time to introduce to you Medellín in Colombia, which is known as 'la ciudad de la eterna primavera". For many of us, Spring is one of our favourite seasons, full of life, colour, sun and greenery. Whereas Spring as we know it only lasts for 3 months in England, in Medellín it lasts all year round. So, if you are feeling a sudden urge for some sun and Spring spirit in mid-Autumn or winter, a trip to Medellín could do you some good!

Warm climate, warm people

With a yearly average of 25-28 degrees, sunny days all year round and flowers galore, who would miss a chance to visit Medellín? Not just the climate, but also the people of this city, known as "paisas" are renowned for being friendly, open, warm and welcoming.

Arepas and Bandejas Paisas

The food in Medellín is famous in Colombia for being some of the finest. Why not try a ‘bandeja paisa’, a typical lunchtime hearty meal that includes rice, beans, potatoes, plantains, mince, chorizo, fried eggs, arepa and black pudding. You're guaranteed to want to go back for more, even though you'll be stuffed to the brim! If you fancy something lighter, opt for a typically paisa 'arepa', which is a kind of savory pancake made of corn, with a cream cheese or ‘huevos pericos’ (scrambled eggs with onion and tomato).

Coffee and La Zona Cafetera

Medellín is in the heart of the Antioquia region, known for its top quality coffee plantations. Not only will you undoubtedly try some of the best coffee in the world, you'll also have the chance to visit the Zona Cafetera and see some sites that you'd never see in England. Additionally, from Medellín there are good transport links to other picturesque towns in the region, such as San Agustin, Salento and Pereira, which make excellent day trips!

Don't forget that every Spanish speaking country has distinct vocabulary and accents, and so if you would like to make the most of your Spanish language skills whilst visiting Medellín, speak to one of our expert Spanish tutors at The Spanish Academy. We look forward to hearing from you!