How to keep your child's Spanish going after their exam

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Lab team
June 6, 2016
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Your son or daughter's Spanish will hopefully be at its best in May, but many parents worry about how they may forget their language skills over the long holiday period. Even if your son or daughter decides not to continue with Spanish at A-level, having a language is a big plus for future job opportunities. Therefore, I am going to advise you on a few ways in which you can ensure that your child will retain his or her language skills over the summer.

Online learning

Firstly, the Internet is a great resource for language learning. If you can find an online TV show, Youtube video or film in Spanish that interests your child you will be able to keep up his or her listening skills over the summer and allow their vocabulary to expand. You will soon see that you don't have to beg your child to study Spanish everyday. In many cases there are subtitles available and often websites provide vocabulary and grammar exercises that test the comprehension of the video.

Private tuition

Secondly, having a private tutor allows your child to have a boost of grammar and vocabulary in a structured manner throughout the summer holidays and allows him or her to keep the Spanish language skills going when they are not in regular school classes. Here at The Spanish Academy we provide Spanish classes that are customised to the needs and objectives of each student. We ensure that we provide classes that are interesting, engaging and dynamic for each of our students so that they stay motivated to learn and see the benefits of speaking a foreign language. Who knows, maybe your child will end up deciding to continue studying Spanish at A-level or in higher education!


Thirdly, a trip to a Spanish speaking country is a fantastic way to get your children engaged in the culture and practicing the Spanish that they have worked so hard for throughout the exam period. Trips to Spain or further afield to South America can be affordable if you do your research. You can even send your children on supervised excursion trips with children of their own age and they could also take part in a language exchange in which they stay with a host family in another country. This way the student will be immersed in the culture and will be forced to speak the language.

We would be happy to provide you with tailored information and contacts on the best exchange programmes for you and your child.So, if you are looking for your child to continue with the Spanish classes and continue practicing and improving the Spanish that they've worked so hard for during the year, then The Spanish Academy is here to help! We can provide you with tailor-made classes, advice on exchange programs and a range of fun exercises that will allow your child to continue to develop their language skills. We are just a phone call away!