How will Brexit affect the British moving to Spain?

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December 12, 2017
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Many people choose to move to Spain to take advantage of the laid-back lifestyle, the great weather and the culture but has the Brexit vote resulted in a rise in concerns for individuals who were thinking about moving to Spain?Following the Brexit vote, those who were thinking of moving to Spain have a concern about how much time they will be allowed to spend in the country which could cover the likes of retirement, work or even a holiday.

Currently, the rules surrounding immigration for those who live outside of the EU means, requires them to apply for permission to live in Spain for a number of reasons. Therefore, the terms that are negotiated following Brexit will not affect those who want to spend short or extended periods of time in Spain and that is great for those who are looking to use the Spanish they have learnt in class in preparation for spending time in the beautiful country. However, spending time in Spain following Brexit will require individuals to comply with the relevant rules that are in place now, or so it seems.

Making a Permanent Move to Spain following Brexit

There are already many UK nationals living in Spain of which many have lived there long enough to be able to hold a fluent Spanish conversation. At the moment, it seems as though those who have been living in Spain lawfully for at least five years will be able to apply for indefinite permission to stay in the country, also known as permiso de residencia de large duración. In order to apply for this, you would no longer be a citizen of an EU member state and so this would apply once the UK has left the EU.

Along with this, individuals would be expected to prove that they do not have a criminal record and that they have not been ejected from Spain or other countries that Spain has a relevant agreement with. It is also a requirement for people to have private health insurance while they are also expected to have an income of a minimum of 799 Euros as a family of two and for any other additional family member this would need to increase by 266 Euros.If you are moving to Spain, then there is every chance that the company employing you will take care of the application so you can remain in Spain.

However, if you want to begin living in Spain or remain in the country, then you will be required to apply to extend your residence you will need to apply for permiso de residencia no lucrative or permission to reside there without the right to work there, whether that is working as self-employed or for someone else.There is no doubt that things are going to change after Brexit but there is every possibility that it will not be as difficult to remain living there as many might believe. The UK and its residents are extremely important to Spain and the country and its government will do all they can to ensure that this remains.

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