How are we different from your average learning provider?

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Lab team
March 4, 2016
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There are many language schools, academies and agencies in London, Bristol and Cardiff, and sometimes it’s a little tricky to know which one to go with. You may find yourself asking, “What is the difference between them anyway?”

The Spanish Academy is, evidently from its name, an academy rather than an agency. Often agencies are large organisations, which have hundreds of tutors across a variety of subjects. While diverse, the level of attention to any specific subject is not as high as in a smaller and more specialised centre. Tutors may not have much contact with head tutors or other specialized staff who could offer advice on student related matters and they may be left to their own devices.

The Spanish Academy offers unique, one-on-one Spanish tuition in our London, Bristol and Cardiff branches to accommodate a number of needs. We have students who are learning for informal reasons such as holidays, gap-years or simply as a fun extra-curriculum activity. Likewise, many of our students study with us for educational reasons, such as for internal and external GCSE, AS and A-level exam preparation.

Furthermore, we have many students who study with us for professional reasons, such as creating business contacts, foreign affairs, customer relations and employability.Whatever your reason may be, we have a tight knit team of tutors whose main focus it tutor Spanish, according to the specific needs of each student. We are able to adapt all of our diverse resources and materials to the context in which each student is learning, focusing on their strengths, weaknesses, objectives and deadlines. With over 13 years’ experience in the Spanish tutoring industry, we have encountered all kinds of students and learning methods and have managed to always find ways of helping our students reach their goals within a specific timeline.

Call us today and arrange a free assessment class at a place and time of your convenience. We’d love to help you speak Spanish fluently!