Former students living the Spanish dream (Part 1)

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Lab team
March 16, 2018
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This month’s blogs come from Málaga in Andalusia, where we’re catching up with different students we used to teach who are now happily settled in their new homes and communities.First up is Grantley and his son Louie, who used to learn Spanish in our Cardiff centre 4 years ago.

I meet them for tapas and a drink in San Pedro, a nice suburb outside of Marbella. Life in Spain has been good to them! They look relaxed, fit, healthy and happy. Louie speaks fluent Spanish and French. He only has Spanish friends in school and his tennis has gone from strength to strength, he was sponsored and plays a lot of tournaments (which means he gets to travel to other parts of Spain too).

Grantley has an interior design business designing luxury apartments, villas and even islands! His business, which he runs alongside his brother, has several showrooms and all of their staff are in-house: from the architects to the designers to manufacturing. They also publish a monthly magazine.

I asked them if they would return to the UK? A resounding ‘no’! Their lifestyle, friendship groups, routine and community here are too good for them to ever leave.So inspiring for us to see them again since their move 3 years ago. They both have a bright future ahead of them and we really wish them luck!