Exam Preparation Classes

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Lab team
April 13, 2016
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As exams are approaching we have many new students who would like to improve their Spanish before their exams and have signed up for classes with us at our branches in London, Cardiff and Bristol.

Here at The Spanish Academy, we are delighted to have on board these new students and we look forward to helping them to prepare for their exams and get the best grades they can.In our experience at The Spanish Academy, many students start classes around exam periods as they may become worried about their grades and feel they need an extra push before the exam.

Often, our students continue classes with us on a long-term basis as they enjoy their classes and see so much improvement in a short space of time, thanks to our tutors. However, sometimes, due to summer holidays and other commitments, students decide to take a break in the summer. Unfortunately, we have seen a few very competent students lose their language skills over this two or three month break, and on return to school they find they are struggling, despite having obtained a good exam grade. It is very important to keep your languages going and leave as few breaks as possible to keep your learning consistent.

In our 13 years of teaching experience, we have seen that students who continue to have lessons throughout the summer, obtain much better grades overall and find the transition from holiday time to the September school or university term much easier and less stressful. Additionally, we offer flexible class times that work around your holidays and other summer plans.Even if you are not planning on continuing your Spanish studies at school or in higher education it is a good idea to keep your Spanish skills up, as having a second language these days is seen as a plus for many employment opportunities.

So, here at The Spanish Academy we recommend that students continue with Spanish tuition throughout the summer and throughout the academic or working year, rather than having tuition just in the last few weeks before the exams. By studying with us long term we can provide you with a professional and personable rapport with your tutor, well planned out lesson plans, which are always aiming towards success!