Covid-19 student update — online classes

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March 17, 2020
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Here at My Language Lab, we have always considered online learning advantageous because it allows for great flexibility for both students and tutors. And if the Open University estimates that distant learning cuts down a course's CO2 emissions by 85%, IBM found that online course participants can learn as much as 5 times more material than traditional in-person classes.

Thanks to our online classes and dashboard, language learners can work with native tutors from all over the world and use technology to reach their language needs faster. Thanks to our app, they can even study on the go whenever their busy lives allow them, and electronic learning material stays neatly organised.

At the same time, however, we normally have a hybrid an holistic approach that includes in-person classes when required because we do understand that each student is unique and some find face-to-face sessions more benefifical.

Coronavirus and online learning

Like all other educational organisations, our hand was recently forced by coronavirus. Until the pandemic is under control, learning is moving online.

Whilst most of our students are already learning online, we advise face-to-face students in our centres in Cardiff and London to transition to classes on Skype or Zoom. Both apps have great features and you can continue with your current timetables so there’s minimal disruption to your learning.

✅We've also recruited more GCSE, A-level and Degree-level tutors to meet demand for those exam students that need extra support during this time.

✅Our Support Centre has guidance on setting up Skype/Zoom and for any tech queries.

All that matters to us is your safety and your language confidence. We know we can ensure both this way. We are also committed to return to offer in-person classes to those who prefer them as soon as possible.

Watch our video update here and stay safe everyone!