MLL Video News: Business and Spanish Degree - Georgie wins uni placement with Danone!

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Lab team
March 22, 2020
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Congrats to our degree student Georgie who’s secured a marketing placement with Danone for her 3rd year out! She aced her telephone, video, face-to-face AND assessment day interviews.

Georgie has been having 1:1 Spanish with us for the last few years to support her though her Spanish A levels and her Business & Spanish degree at Exeter Uni. We also helped Georgie with her:

  • CV
  • Covering letter
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Interview techniques
  • Speaking skills

We're over the moon for her - it’s a highly sought-after position and there’s a ton of competition. If all goes well, she could secure a permanent position for when she graduates. Watch our video here of the process she underwent.

Uni placement and languages

At My Language Lab, we know that languages can boost your career and take it places you've never thought of. In fact, it's been proven that a second language can improve your pay check significantly. Unfortunately, the British education system does not prepare students well enouth to be competitive in the language job market — in fact, language skills are significantly poorer in the UK than in many European countries.

We want to change that, because passionate and dedicated young people like Georgie deserve opportunities like this one to kickstart their career. Whether you're at school or uni, take our free online assessment so that you can figure out a study plan that really works for your professional ambitions. And if you're already thinking of your uni placement, get in touch so that we can help you write an outstanding CV and cover letter that will make your skills and talents shine.