Brexit: What is the future for all of our students with homes in Spain?

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Lab team
June 30, 2016
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With approximately 1.3 million British expats living in Europe, it is no wonder so many of our students here at The Spanish Academy have properties in Spain and other countries in Europe. They are probably currently making the most of them in the wonderful heat of the summer!

However, with the results of the Brexit vote, students are probably wondering what the outcome will be for all of the expats and their properties, in Spain and other European countries.As most of us are aware, the exact consequences and future plans of Brexit are unclear and it will take some time for rules and policies to be established and agreements to be made. However, at the moment it appears British citizens will continue to be able to retire in Spain, buy a property in Europe to reside in or have as a holiday home, and expats will be allowed to remain in these countries.

It appears that what might change are the rights to work, healthcare plans, as well as the inheritance and tax laws associated with owing properties abroad. British citizens may have to apply for Blue Cards, which will allow them to work in a European country. It appears that these decisions depend entirely on the agreements that Britain makes with the European Union, so until these are made it is very difficult to say how complicated it will be for British people to live in Spain.

With around 3 million European expats living in Britain, if the European Union decides to be difficult when it comes to visas, work arrangements, property, tax and healthcare, the UK is likely to retaliate with equally awkward regulations. This means that it is more likely that reasonable negotiations will be made to benefit everyone.

Whatever the outcome may be, there is no doubt that your Spanish skills will continue to be useful – whether you use them to negotiate your property prices abroad, sort out your leaks and home maintenance, work abroad or simply to enjoy the sun on your holiday – Spanish is a fantastic language to learn!

If we can help you in any way with your Spanish language skills and preparations for your property, or holiday abroad, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at The Spanish Academy where we provide first class private tuition, which is tailored to your specific needs and timelines – no matter what the future of Brexit brings!