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July 10, 2019
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Choosing to study abroad can be a daunting yet exciting prospect for many students. In this article, we look into more detail about the benefits of learning a new language whilst spending time in the country where the language is being spoken.

The programmes are varied so that they’re flexible and tailored to your learning requirements. By selecting a study abroad programme, it allows you to be fully immersed in the surrounding culture - this is a huge advantage when learning a new foreign language. Not only will it make things easier for you when achieving your language goals but also help you to communicate and connect with new people.

For example, studying Spanish in Spain comes with many benefits: it allows students to pick up the local accent, such as phrases and slang. In no time you will transition from basic Spanish to seemingly speaking like a local. Many students benefit from these opportunities that can help you grow as a person. Feeling small in a big environment can be a scary prospect but overcoming that feeling can be extremely satisfying and fulfilling - giving you more confidence. Learning the language can really help you achieve this. Some activities include spending the morning studying and then in the afternoon, heading out with other fellow students to visit markets, museums and other points of attraction. Not only that, if you choose your destination wisely, you could be soaking up the sun for the majority of your stay. What’s not to love about that?!

Studying a new language abroad can also have benefits for any new friends you meet along the way. Let’s say some are native Spanish speakers but they have always wanted to learn English but never had the chance - this where you could return the favour! It’s a win-win situation and the effect can only be positive both ways. When searching for a study abroad programme, be sure to consider the following areas:

  • Ensure the location is exactly where you want to be studying
  • Check to see if the programme includes other excursions
  • Be sure about how you organise accommodation
  • What student support is available via the programme?

What do we think?

We encourage our students to study abroad as it’s a massive opportunity for them and also sets them up for the future. They say that travelling can change your life - well these programmes really can make the most out of your travels.

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