A week in Cataluña | Gerona, Àger and Tarragona

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August 25, 2019
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Part 1: Gerona

Gathering popularity because of the filming location for Game of Thrones (and home to El Celler De Can Roca voted ‘The best restaurant in the world’), we visited the stunning cathedral, walked along the bridges with the colourful houses, couldn’t get enough of the local eateries, stumbled upon the Festival of Flowers, climbed up the Torre to see the vistas and finished off with a sunset bike ride through La Devesa Park. On our last day, we had breakfast on the terrace in Federal Girona a hip café in the Old Town.

Part 2: Àger

After Gerona, we headed to the foot of the Pyrenees on the super speedy TGV. We then headed to Àger in Llerida, a little town nestled in the mountains. Those in the know come here to climb and kayak through the impressive Congost de Mont Rebei, a stunning gorge. We took a boat through the canyon, climbed the rockside for 5 hours to reach the summit Ermita de la Pertusa, a beautiful hermitage perched on the edge of the cliff with expansive views.The hospitality in our bnb was great! We spent hours at meal times talking (in Spanish and French of course) about everything: tourism, politics, their way of life, education and so much more. We truly had a genuine travel experience here, would highly recommend!

Part 3: Tarragona

We ended our trip in this historic city by the beach. Known for it’s Roman sights we visited the cathedral, the amphitheatre, the stunning aqueduct, the Mediterranean Balcony and generally ate our way through the cobbled streets. Our last night was spent having dinner and watching the sunset at the port.