6 ways to overcome lack of motivation in language learning

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April 14, 2018
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Learning a new language such as Spanish is an exciting prospect but you might find that you lack the motivation that you once had but don’t worry, that is usual. This lack of focus or drive is common, so how can you keep yourself motivated when taking part in Spanish classes or Spanish lessons?

Change your attitude

When learning Spanish, if you feel that you lack the motivation required, try to change your attitude. Having positive thoughts can work wonders and if you think about what you want to achieve, whether that is Spanish GCSE or Spanish A Level, you will find that your motivation will kick back in and you will become focussed once again.

What interests you?

To fire up your passion and to get you back on track, try focussing on things that interest you. This could be a Spanish film or book but whatever happens, once you get to a certain level of proficiency don’t dwell on it, continue moving forward.

Have a routine

They say that a routine gives you a purpose, so put one in place to help get you motivated. Set aside an hour or two a day to learn and speak Spanish. You will discover a new passion for learning and it will certainly help you to get going again.

Apply real life to learning

Learning Spanish through Spanish tuition is crucial but your learning will go beyond that because you can never stop learning, however, when a lack of motivation becomes a problem, try and turn your lessons and learning towards things that happen in your life. This could relate to your hobbies or even your family because that can really re-ignite the flame you once had for learning Spanish.

Document your progress

If we are good at something, it is natural for us to continue doing it. Therefore, when you succeed at certain aspects of learning Spanish, record yourself and then, when you are going through testing times, you can listen to it and understand the satisfaction you get from learning the language.

Ask someone what they think

If you know of someone outside of your learning environment who speaks Spanish, then you can speak with them and ask them how they think you are going, their feedback, whether it is positive or constructive can help you to understand what you need to improve on. Either way, it can help you to feel motivated again.We all experience a lack of motivation but overcoming it can help you to achieve even more.

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