Teresa's education and teaching experience is highly concentrated in Spanish, International Relations and voluntary work. She has an impressive array of Degrees and MA’s from both her native Spain as well as Sweden and London and is currently studying Education and International Development at UCL.

Teresa speaks native Spanish and Italian, advanced English, intermediate French and intermediate Italian.


Teresa is currently studying Education and International Development at UCL and holds an Honours Degree and MA in History from the University of Valencia (she was granted an Extraordinary Degree Award by the University of Valencia and the National University Award by the Spanish Government).  She also has an MA in International Relations from University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and is currently studying for her MA in Social Anthropology from the prestigious SOAS, University of London. She completed her Undergraduate Traineeship at The Spanish Ministry of Defence in Valencia.

Prior to teaching in London, Teresa was a Spanish Language and Social Sciences tutor in Dubai and an Education Coordinator for an NGO in Senegal.

She also taught at Brockwood Park School, a co-ed international residential school in Hampshire. In this position she was a Spanish and History teacher teaching AS and A2 level.

Teresa is highly passionate about international voluntary work. Her mission has led her to working as a Consultant with Innocence in Danger in Switzerland which involved the organization of a UN panel in association with the Human Rights Council Social Forum. She was also a Poverty and Human Development Researcher for an educational centre in Peru, often travelling to Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.