Video tutorial: Transitioning from Spanish or French GCSE to A level

9 things you can expect as you transition from GCSE to A Level to university

What's included

What can you expect as you transition from language GCSEs to A Level and then (possibly) university? My video also applies to other humanities subjects as well. Here’s what I explore:

  1. Managing expectation levels
  2. Prepping for uni/the next stage of your career
  3. Developing your opinions
  4. Honing your presentation and research skills
  5. Learning about issues that matter!
  6. Gaining a wider outlook of the world
  7. Introducing language film and literature
  8. Consuming news and language tools
  9. Adapting to smaller class sizes.

Conclusion: It's definitely a big adjustment but the skills you learn can be applied to so many different things in your future career and life!

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