Using technology to learn Spanish

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February 23, 2015
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As tutors, we often get asked by students how learning Spanish can fit seamlessly into their lives without becoming mundane or losing interest. One of those ways is with technology. The use of technology has enabled even the laziest of language learners to fit Spanish learning into their schedule without it even feeling like 'work'. Plus learners can pick and choose what Spanish phrases they learn so it's relevant for them.The plethora of innovative/fun/educational apps out there has made learning Spanish more appealing, accessible and achievable for new learners. So here are our top 3 ways to use technology to help you learn and improve your Spanish:

  • Change your settings: be it on your mobile phone, tablet or GPS. Research has shown that task-based language learning, ie, learning Spanish whilst carrying out daily tasks, can improve your memory retention. The frequency with which students use these devices will mean you get used to responding quickly in Spanish.
  • Watch videos, TV and music with Spanish subtitles: everyone has a favourite series, channel or artist they can relax to so this is an easy way to familiarise yourself with Spanish simply by adding Spanish subtitles in your settings or, better still, watching Spanish/South American entertainment, with English subtitles. The familiarity of the characters and plot will help you to focus on the language more and pick up new vocabulary and phrases.
  • Read the news, magazines and books in Spanish: no matter the resource, whether it's reading a Harry Potter book in dual languages (Spanish one side, English the other) or reading the latest issue of Spanish 'Ok!', the mere notion of catching up on non-fiction and fiction in Spanish will further your thirst for the language - it's also a great way to annotate new words and phrases.

For more ideas, please ask your tutor who can recommend resources and links for your level.Muchas gracias,Drew