Tutor Trip to Central America

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July 20, 2014
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This month I'm writing to you from Central America! I'm here on a 6 week sabbatical, taking in the sights and wonders of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Cuba.The trip so far has been like nothing I've experienced before: imposing Mayan ruins, dense jungles steeped in wildlife, cascading waterfalls, river canyons, regional delicacies, artisan wares sold in bustling hilltop markets, village communities 7,000 feet high, sailing into biosphere reserves, diving in exotic reefs, hiking up volcanoes, sampling coffee in plantations, chaotic border crossings, chicken buses, rooftop salsa, subtle linguistic differences, the list goes on....I've been speaking Spanish for over 22 years and nothing can quite prepare you for practising your Spanish in this continent, you really do need to see it first hand. Without my knowledge of Spanish, the local idioms, the ever changing accent as you move from country to country - I would not have been able to have such an enriching, educational and magical experience. The benefits of being able to converse to other travellers, bus passengers, restaurant owners, tuk tuk drivers, food stall vendors or locals on the plazas...none of this would have been possible at such depth without speaking Spanish.Take a look at our Facebook photos here to see what I got up to - the joys of learning Spanish can take you anywhere!Drew