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November 28, 2015
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If you are interested in starting Spanish classes and are wondering who our tutors are, what experience they have and what areas they specialise in, below you will find a short and concise summary of each of our in-house tutors at The Spanish Academy in London:Evie Oswald – Spanish tutor and Language Co-ordinatorEvie has completed a course in translation at the University of Westminster and is currently in her last year undergraduate degree in African Studies, focusing on Swahili. Evie has taught English as a second language to students in many countries around the world and has experience teaching and managing online classes as well as business, holiday and exam language learning. After having lived in Argentina and travelled extensively throughout South America, Evie is now teaching Spanish as a foreign language and has experience with beginners and advanced level students.Sebastian Prias – Spanish tutorSebastian is from Bogotá, Colombia and has lived in both Argentina and in the UK. Sebastian has completed a Bachelors Degree in Audiovisual Communication, focusing on film, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he won many awards for his short films. Since then, he has worked in marketing and customer service and is now perusing his career in Spanish language and teaching. He enjoys travelling, learning and teaching languages, and directing and producing films. Sebastian focuses on Latin American Spanish language and culture due to his experience living and traveling extensively throughout Latin America, in countries such as Bolivia, Uruguay, Panama and Chile, which has greatly widened his knowledge of this area. Sebastian is currently teaching one of our students who needs to improve her Spanish in order to attend a wedding in Colombia next year.Alicia Lishchinsky – Spanish tutorAlicia is a qualified teacher and was formerly Assistant Director of Studies at one of Britain’s best-known language schools. Originally from Argentina and a Spanish national, she has been teaching Spanish and working as a translator since 1987. Alicia has lived and worked in Argentina, Spain and the US, and she studied Modern Literature and Linguistics at the University of Buenos Aires where she got a Masters Degree. Alicia also has a second Masters degree in Spanish from the University of Virginia in the USA. Furthermore, she has gained extensive experience teaching English and Spanish to foreigners in a number of institutions around the world. Alicia’s speaks five languages, and has experience teaching all abilities and ages, on both a group and one-to-one basis, and has taught exam preparation classes, business classes as well as beginners and advanced level classes. Alicia is currently the appointed tutor for one of our clients at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.Florencia Valdés – Spanish TutorFlorencia is the newest tutor to join our team. She is originally from Chile but she also has Italian nationality. Florencia graduated in 2007 with a BA in Psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago. She is currently studying a MA in Leadership and Education at the Institute of Education at University College London. Florencia has extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language in different organisations throughout the UK and Chile, including universities, schools and tutoring agencies. Throughout Florencia’s teaching experience she has also coordinated undergraduate and graduate prorgrammes of study at higher education institutions in Chile and assisted in research projects at the universities where she has studied. Florencia is now teaching one of our students who works at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Santiago, Chile.Romina Bailor – Spanish tutorRomina has Argentinian and Italian dual nationality and has worked in the Consulate of the Argentine Republic in London since 2011. She has extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a second language as well as Drama in primary and secondary schools in both Argentina and the UK. Romina has taught Spanish to adults and children in London and she has also worked as an English teacher in Buenos Aires, preparing students for internationally recognised exams. Romina has participated in numerous courses related to education and teaching throughout her career. For example, Romina has done an English Teacher Training course at UMSA University in Buenos Aires. Romina is now teaching one of our students who is preparing to study Spanish GCSE course next year.So, look no further – if you are after some Spanish classes for whatever reason, our friendly, experienced and professional tutors are here to help. Give us a ring today for a free assessment class and get your Spanish moving![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]