Learning Spanish for work – how can we assist you?

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October 26, 2015
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Learning Spanish for work and business

At London Spanish Academy we are proud to provide excellent customised Spanish tuition for our students. While we have experience in tutoring school and university exam students, holiday Spanish students as well as providing tuition to those who want to brush up their skills after a while without studying, we also have a significant amount of experience in assisting students who are learning Spanish for professional purposes. Do you need Spanish for your work and are wondering how we may be able to help you? If so, read on!CVsIf you are looking for a job in Spain or Latin America, you’re going to need to have your CV up to scratch with some perfect and professional Spanish. With tutors who are experienced in business language, we can assist you to create an excellently written CV, using specific and technical vocabulary depending on your field of work.Job ApplicationsJob applications can be a little scary and overwhelming in any language – let along one that isn’t your native one! We’d be delighted to facilitate this process by correcting your written work, working on improving your vocabulary, ensuring that it is appropriate to the job that you are applying for and most importantly – ensuring that it stands out from the others.Interview techniquesOne thing is having it on paper, but succeeding in an interview in a foreign language is definitely a skill. In your classes with your native Spanish tutor you will benefit from constant practice interviews in which you will cover all possibilities of interview questions that may come your way, so that you don’t have a second to appear unprepared to your perspective employer!TranslationsAt London Spanish Academy, we also offer translation services. Thus, if your prospective employer requires you references or certificates to be translated into Spanish to ensure that they are valid and valued abroad, we are delighted to be able to provide this service for our students and clients.All in all, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work abroad and would like to brush up on your Spanish skills as well as ensure that you have the best chances of getting your dream job, give us a ring and let us talk you through the ways in which we can help you to get your Spanish career on its way!Written by Evie Oswald, Language Co-ordinator