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November 16, 2015
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Spanish Skype lessons at The Spanish Academy

Spanish Skype lessons at The Spanish Academy[/caption]Busy, busy, busy – if you hear this word coming out of your mouth several times a day, you’re probably thinking you’ve got no time to take up a hobby, like learning a new language. Your diary may seem full to the brim with work, school, university, cooking, cleaning, children, a work out at the gym, Christmas shopping and planning….just to name a few. The thought of spending another hour on a bus in London after work to get to your Spanish school and back in this cold, dark and dreary November weather may not be your definition of appealing! That’s why at London Spanish Academy we’re ahead of our time, now offering online classes via Skype. Read on to find out why Skype classes are a great new option for learning languages.ConvenienceSkype classes are extremely convenient for busy people. There’s no need to take the bus, the tube or to walk around the busy and wet London streets to find your class, fighting the traffic and the cold. No time wasted, no suffering, no stress. Just sit back at your desk, on your sofa or your bed, turn on your computer and call your teacher. You can even be in your pyjamas – no one will know!TechnologyBy having your classes online, you’re much more likely to make the most of the world of online resources that are available to you to enhance your Spanish learning experience. You’ll find audio files, podcasts, videos, news articles, books, blogs, grammar and vocabulary exercises, forums with native speakers and much, much more! You’re teacher will be able to recommend specific websites where you can improve certain areas of your language skills and send you links to interesting articles or videos to watch together. All you need is a stable Internet connection and the will to learn!Nowadays, there is very little difference between having face-to-face classes and online classes, due to high-speed Internet connections and video cameras. By using the camera, you’ll be able to see your teacher’s mouth movements when speaking Spanish, just as if you were in an in-person class. Likewise, all of our Skype classes are one-on-one, so you won’t have to worry about going at the pace of the others in your class or falling behind. All our classes are one hundred percent adapted to your specific needs and objectives. There’s really nothing to lose!So don’t let having a busy lifestyle take away your ability to have fun, learn new things and have some “you time”. In two minutes you can have Skype installed on your computer and have access to high quality Spanish classes at a time and day that suits you, with zero travelling time and zero stress!