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August 14, 2014
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This month's blog is about new features, additions, assessments and recent developments in general at London Spanish Academy. We have been tutoring Spanish for over 11 years so it was time for a re-brand.We have a fresh website, which we feel informs Spanish learners about what the Spanish classes we offer, the teaching resources we use, the tutors that work for us and the practicalities of learning Spanish with London Spanish Academy. We'll soon be launching our new brochure for prospective clients, as well as a marketing video, to further inform students about what we do and how we can help students with their Spanish.We have new modern offices in a prime London location and we're looking forward to settling in! We're also really happy to have added to our Spanish tuition team - you can read more about our tutors here. All of our Spanish tutors are minimum degree-educated and multi-lingual, with a breadth of experience in Spanish tuition. They are truly committed to helping students progress with their Spanish, as can be seen by reading student testimonials. This has definitely been the period of change for the team and will strengthen our brand as a leading Spanish tuition provider. We're proud to have a huge variety of students who learn with us and it's interesting to see how involved they are with this change, from writing lovely testimonials, taking part in our promotional video and embracing the new Spanish tutors to join our growing team.Thank you to all our students and Spanish tutor team for their involvement during the last few months, we're looking forward to rolling out more ideas to improve the student learning experience and help you achieve your Spanish learning goals!Drew