Peruvian Gastronomy

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November 24, 2015
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Learning Spanish to travel to Peru

Peru is famous around the world for its exquisite national delicacies. If you are planning a trip to Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Iquitos, Lago Titicaca or any other of Peru’s numerous gems, make sure you try as many of the following platos típicos as possible!CevicheProbably the most renowned Peruvian dish, this will be the first to tick off your list. It is likely that once you have tried it for the first time you will want it for every meal! Ceviche is a delicious fish based dish, in which the fish is cooked only very briefly in lemon or lime juices, along with ají or chilli peppers, and coriander. It tends to be accompanied by rice, potatoes and salads.Cuy and AlpacaCuy is a guinea pig in English, and alpaca is a llama-like animal with very thick fur, which is native to Peru and Bolivia. Peruvians eat both cuy and alpacas with rice, potatoes and salads, as if it were our standard roast chicken. While cuy may be a little unsettling to see on the plate for anyone remotely vegetarian, resembling something of a large flattened hamster, Alpaca is said to look and taste like something a little more familiar to us, that being beef.Choclo con QuesoThis street food is an absolute favourite of mine. Although the concept is very simple, the taste is out-of-this-world. Choclo refers to corn on the cob - however, each individual Peruvian corn kernel is much bigger, whiter and juicier than our ones, here in England. Choclo is eaten with a thick slice of a mild, white and salty cheese and is quite frankly, delicious.Papas a la HuancaínaAnother mouth-watering Peruvian dish, Papas a la Hauncaína is a potato dish, using one of Peru’s 300+ types of potatoes, which are boiled in a spicy, creamy sauce known as Huancaína.Arroz con lecheIn English, this one may be translated as rice pudding. However, arroz con leche has something special – it has added spices such as nuez mozcada and canela (nutmeg and cinnamon) as well as a very generous helping of some extra sweet and extra creamy leche condensada (condensed milk).This is not the end of the list by any means – you’re bound to come across other well known drinks, sweets and snacks, such as manjar blanco, chicha morada, inca cola, causa limeña and many more – I won’t spoil it for you! So, sit back and enjoy the endless exquisite new flavours your palate will die for!