New students and Spanish AS Level revision courses

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Lab team
March 17, 2014
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In the last few weeks, we're proud to say that we've taken on even more new students who are learning for a variety of different reasons, including those that have a holiday home in Spain, those learning for the pure fun of it and those who one day hope to live in a Spanish speaking country so a big welcome to them all.We're also happy to confirm the next date of our AS Spanish exam revision course, this will be held on Wednesday 16th April from 12 - 2pm. This will be an opportunity for all students to consolidate their learning and to fill in any gaps they may have as well as focus on proven exam techniques and past paper practices. Students will be able to address any last-minute concerns they have and generally increase their overall confidence and maximise their performance as they approach exam time.For parents and children who are interested, please contact me to find out more and book your place before they all go.Drew