London Language Show Experience

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October 19, 2015
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The Spanish Academy at The London Language Show

The Language Show was held last weekend in Olympia, London and was a fantastic opportunity to do everything a linguistic could want to do. Firstly, there were free 30-minute classes as well as the paid 2-hour courses in several different languages, even British Sign Language. Furthermore, there were CV clinics where you could receive a second opinion on your current CV and even have a personal CV improving session with an expert. The event had a friendly and open atmosphere in which there were many chances to meet and chat to inspiring linguists and successful professionals and even discover possible career opportunities! My advice to you – make sure you don’t miss out on the next one, keep your eyes peeled for language-related events to see what the world has to offer you!So, with everything there is to see and do, what’s the best way to approach it? Well, clearly it depends on what you are after – unless you are after a bit of everything, like I was. Luckily, the Language Show was well organised and the main exhibition hall was well set out into different sections, such as language learning and teaching tools and resources, language home stays, language schools and courses and a careers zone. Yet, at the same time, these sections were all close by to one another so that those who are interested in a bit of everything can make the most of it!Quite interestingly, probably one of the languages with the most stands, was español! Why is that? Well, as we usually learn Spanish from Spain at school, we sometimes forget that there is an entire continent (except for Brazil) which is Spanish speaking – South America, not to mention Central America, the majority of the countries in the Caribbean and a huge and growing Spanish speaking community in North America. Spanish is, without a doubt, an extremely useful language to speak during this era of globalisation and it definitely stood out like a sore thumb at the show.Another aspect that struck me amongst the Spanish-learning/teaching community at the show was the number of companies promoting language courses with home stays in different cities all over Spain. The prices appeared to be reasonable and particularly geared towards students, those taking gap years, or those looking for a fun but education spring or summer break. Many are eager to take up a new hobby, learn a new skill and have both a personally and professionally enriching experience!If you are learning languages, teaching languages, or if you are a translator, an interpreter or if you just love languages, don’t miss our on these opportunities to delve into a great event which is bound to inspire you. Not to mention, the freebies!