How technology is shaping the way we learn languages in 2019

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January 30, 2019
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Technology has shaped the way we do almost anything in modern day life and we’re now at a point where some we rely on technology to complete certain tasks, remain organised, learn new languages and much more. In this blog, we aim to break down our view in this area and how we think technology can assist in learning a new language. According to the BBC, during the World Cup in Russia “there was a dramatic spike in the use of Google Translate, the company says, as fans tried to strike up conversations with their hosts and fellow fans from around the world. The words for "stadium" and "beer" were in particularly high demand.” Although Google Translate isn’t the most accurate in terms of solid translations, the great thing about Google Translate is it allows users to dive into the basics of different languages in regards to specific keywords such as greetings, festive messages and ordering at a restaurant, There are plenty of pros and cons we can list when using technology such as Google Translate for certain tasks. This technology has its benefits, but in terms of creating meaningful and expressive conversations, users would have to search elsewhere for correct translations. As mentioned in a blog via The Spanish Academy, EdTech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK and "has the potential to further innovate our knowledge economy by producing more skilled workers, resulting in growth and a strong economy." Does it mean that we as a society have become increasingly reliant on technology? Here at My Language Lab we believe in innovation, creativity and efficiency when it comes to combining our traditional techniques with modern technology. It’s simply down to how effective you can be when using technology to complement what it is you’re looking to achieve. It’s about balancing your learning experience USER EXPERIENCEAs discussed in Business Insider last year, it was reported that AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the education sector is expected to be worth $6bn by 2024 - the growth is phenomenal. According to the same article, developing ‘learner models’ accounted for a 60% share of the whole market. This could well be down to the fact that students want personalised learning experiences in order to remain engaged with the content they are learning about. Over the years it has been proven that user experience is one of the underlying factors for the increase in technology use. Students require flexibility when learning so that they can continue to with their other hobbies and interests without learning getting in the way. They require a hassle-free platform in order to achieve this. Tutors, on the other hand, require an organised and all in one dashboard, which allows them to access educational resources with ease, remaining on top of their current tasks.Not only would the economy benefit from this new approach but students would also feel that learning anywhere at any time would offer benefits. Learning these days does not mean sitting in a classroom in a very formal environment. It should remain fun without the added stress of learning alongside your already busy schedule. How does it work at My Language Lab for Students?

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