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August 18, 2015
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GCSE tuition results in Cardiff, Bristol and London at The Spanish Academy

If you took your GCSE Spanish exam this year you are bound to be anxious about your results, which are just days away! Perhaps you are wondering about the opportunities that are available to you if your results are as you hoped for, or maybe you have not quite reached that level yet and you are still deciding whether or not to take languages at GCSE level. Here I’d like to highlight just a few of the many great reasons to study GCSE Spanish.GCSE to A-levelThe initial opportunity available to you if you take GCSE level Spanish, which may seem a little obvious, is that you can then take it for A-level. Knowing different languages is a highly regarded skill in this era of globalisation, so if you study languages at school to a higher level you will find a wider range of professional opportunities available to you when the time comes.Good results all roundIn many cases, students who study languages also receive very good results in other subjects as they gain a better ability to comprehend written texts and as a result the language skills that they have learnt are transferred to other subjects. You will also gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultures of other countries, which is also a very employable trait.School trips abroadLastly, another great reason to study Spanish at GCSE level is that studying languages provides you with the opportunity to travel abroad through language exchanges or homestays that your school may organise. These are fantastic chances to get a hands-on experience with the culture and language, learn to be more independent, make friends and last but certainly not least - improve your Spanish.On behalf of Cardiff Spanish Academy we wish you all the best of luck with your GCSE Spanish results. We would like to say a special well done to all of the students that we have helped along the way to prepare for the exams. Likewise, if you are thinking about taking your Spanish to the next level, we can provide you with information and advice about A-level Spanish and we would be delighted to provide you with some specialised Spanish tuition to help you make the most of your Spanish learning experience and get the best possible results.¡Les deseamos muy buena suerte!